Blizzard is investigating problems and a DDoS assault

Blizzard is Exploring Issues along with a DDoS Assault Some players reported they were becoming disconnected from matches, while some could not log in completely. The blizzard ddos attack said it had been exploring some problems, but there is no word on whether they’ve been solved.

The Blizzard is investigating problems and a DDoS assault

Call of Duty: Warzone gamers mainly appear to be reporting more issues, though that’s probably got more to do with how many players you will find at the moment. The battle royale merely started a week, and a few times, it gathered 15 million gamers.

Blizzard is investigating problems and a DDoS assault
Blizzard is investigating problems and a DDoS assault

Blizzard’s North American service team said it had been exploring a problem impacting authentication servers, cautioning investors who login problems would crop up.

A few hours later, a different tweet went outside, informing that a DDoS attack influenced latency and relations to matches and that the group was tracking.

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The tweets do not cite a link between the two problems, despite their closeness to one another, and there has not been an update since. Support accounts for different areas, such as the EU, did not report any issues, and seems to be working well for me. Following Downdetector, nevertheless, you will find outages all around the world.

blizzard ddos attack implemented a work-from-home coverage in Irvine and Austin on March 14. The service Twitter account mentioned might lead to improved waiting times, along with restricted live chat and telephone support.

With all these people stuck in your home, more people are enjoying games and placing another strain on hosts, also, so reluctantly look inevitable. blizzard ddos attack.


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