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OSRS Reddit 2024 Old School Runescape, that beloved old version of Runescape that I spent hours playing when I should have been studying, is getting a raid. The next challenge will be The Theatre of Blood. Players were eagerly awaiting news of rewards when the multi-man challenge was declared late last year; but Jagex responded by creating Justicar armor – a brand-new best-in-slot armor place (above). Unfortunately, gamers didn’t seem to agree: gamers hated it!

They hated it so much, for months the Old School community dogpiled the armor on that 2007 scape subreddit and mememed its way into hell and back again. Such was their enthusiasm that Jagex is currently altering the design of this suit of armor entirely based on participant polls – something unprecedented in Old School Runescape’s upgrade process. Typically all upgrades undergo participant polls but this was the first time ever that such an item of armor had been created out of a passion for memes.

What the memes brought OSRS Reddit

How a bunch OSRS Reddit Old School Runescape

When I opened up my Twitch channel to the community, I expected a modest response, West shared. “Because when revealing best in slot item either no response (which was my intention) or an overwhelming one like we have seen on OSRS Reddit. What I didn’t count on was another artist joining in Legend_Arts’ theory where he left everything shiny and bright earned over 10,000 upvotes on OSRS Reddit–which inspired me to go livestream so everyone could watch me build it!”

Staying positive is far more beneficial than trying to bring everyone down. Thankfully the memes attracted real people who wanted to create beautiful designs – as long as those good ideas weren’t overshadowed by memes.”

Legend_Arts submitted their hybrid on May 9, and West selected some player-made theories to implement. Two days after that, he started turning popular theories into in-game versions and two days after that shared variations complete with surveys so users could get back into armor once again. And it wasn’t just speculation; players provided the alloy and Jagex is shaping it into OSRS Reddit form.

“The layout I worked on last week will be the one the players enjoy,” West explains. “Since both groups are ready for creation, we can finish both and then have a formal poll so they can decide which one they need. Either way, it won’t matter to me which one wins; both groups have amazing players!”

Justicar armor fiasco

For many of the memes, the Justicar armor crisis serves as a prime example of why player inclusion is so important in MMOs. Yes, some Old School gamers want nothing more than to see their world burn off, but most genuinely wish to contribute and improve the game. When players were not satisfied with what Jagex did with their ideas, they provided feedback which Jagex then implemented and now everyone on OSRS Reddit is much better raiders as a result!

I was Anticipating a Small response

The irony is that while gamers loathed the closing armor shown earlier this season, they adored the prototypes revealed while the raid declared. Initially, the Justicar armor was part of a trio of armor sets, West informs me, but since the Theatre of Blood moved from an obscure concept to natural material, the armor shifted with it.

Participants said there was sufficient DPS equipment but insufficient tank equipment, so it arrowed down to only one armor collection. And when they were going to use one group, Jagex guessed they might too create a new one based on the armor worn with the raid’s huge poor.

“We believed changing it a bit made sense,” West says, “but players were not really on board with all the first suggestion we shared on flow.

The memes came out hard and quick. Most demanded a return to the model designs. Others believed the new armor did not seem tanky enough and liberally provided a few choices, with some calling for a more radical redesign.


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