It’sFunneh: Everything You Need To Know January 2023

If you live with a gamer, you’ve probably heard of at least a handful of the most popular gamer YouTube channels. They prefer to watch others play games like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft rather than play them. We confess that it’s all a little strange for us, but we can see the appeal! Gamer channels with game-play videos are fascinating, and you may learn a lot from them. One of the most famous is ItsFunneh 2023, a well-known YouTube gamer.

ItsFunneh 2023 is a young Canadian woman who creates gaming videos and vlogs about herself and the Krew’s adventures. From VidCon to the YouTube Gaming Summit to social media, she’s all over the place right now. But who exactly is ItsFunneh? And how did she go from a video game fanatic to a multibillion-dollar social media mogul?

What is itsfunneh real name?

Katherine, often known as Kat, a Canadian gamer, came up with the concept for ItsFunneh. Despite the fact that she is just 24, her amusing and interesting videos have earned her a household name. They feature in a number of her videos, including GoldenGlare (Kim), DraconiteDragon (Allen), LunarEclipse (Wenny), and PaintingRainbows (Wenny) (Betty). The Krew is made up of Kat’s whole family, which is fantastic! Kat and her family are Canadians who grew up working at their parents’ restaurant. The Krew’s three doggo members are Floof, Reignhart, and Pupper. Her YouTube channel has a little over 5 million subscribers, and her most popular videos include the whole Krew. Although her gaming videos mostly center on Roblox and Minecraft, she does sometimes play other games or introduce her viewers to new ones.

It'sFunneh: Everything You Need To Know

What is ItsFunneh net worth?

Based on her YouTube channel, item sales, and paid appearances, ItsFunneh’s net worth is estimated to be about $10 million. With an average of 5 million unique views per day, ItsFunneh would generate $7.3 million in ad revenue alone. Fans like her ItsFunneh and Krew merchandise, which includes anything from t-shirts to backpacks to plush Krew toys.

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In addition to ItsFunneh 2023, they have five YouTube channels: the Krew, PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare, Lunar Eclipse, and DraconiteDragon.

Is ItsFunneh appropriate for kids?

It’s very kid-friendly in terms of YouTube gaming channels! ItsFunneh and the Krew’s videos are free of profanity and adult-themed problems, and they keep everything lighthearted and fun. Remember that some of the games that kids play are not appropriate for younger children; for example, Roblox and Minecraft are popular, but the games include cartoonish violence and players may die or be killed. Her non-gaming films, in which the Krew eats, cooks, or travels to new places, are equally suitable for children.

What Was ItsFunneh Backstory?

Kat launched the ItsFunneh YouTube channel in 2011, and her videos have now gotten over 4 billion views. She got her start while still in high school, and she had to put the channel on hold for a bit while she focused on her education. She returned to the channel after graduation and resumed regularly creating gaming content. Her sister Kim, who operates the YouTube account GoldenGlare, collaborated on the majority of her early videos.

ItsFunneh on YouTube.

Her YouTube videos, on the other hand, remain the primary draw, and she maintains a terrific channel. ItsFunneh often hosts live broadcasts, Q&A sessions, and vlogs about her life and the Krew. Kat and the Krew used to run the channel under the pretext of anonymity. After reaching 8 million subscribers, she had a face reveal to unveil the people behind ItsFunneh and all of their content, as well as promising a Q&A to her fans. Since then, Kat and the Krew have appeared in a lot of videos.

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ItsFunneh is a fantastic YouTube channel for preteen and teenage gamers to watch, and if you’re already aware with the content of such games, you shouldn’t be concerned about their videos.

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