Do You Know About yoriichi Tsugikuni, The Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer, with Yoriichi Tsugikuni as its potential winner of Anime of the Year, is one of the most anticipated anime series this year. With an array of characters with unique narratives or tragic origins, Demon Slayer promises to deliver on its promise. While many may recognize Yoriichi outspoken as a formidable demon slayer, few understand his journey towards becoming such.

Let’s delve a bit deeper and examine Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s early days. Warning: this discussion contains spoilers; proceed at your own risk!

Do You Know About yoriichi Tsugikuni, The Demon Slayer

The Origins of Yoriichi Tsugikuni

400 years ago, Yoriichi and his twin brother Michikatsu were born. Yori-ichi greatly admired his elder brother and promised to help him become the greatest samurai in history.

Yoriichi didn’t speak until he was seven years old. His parents believed him to be deaf or mute, but it turned out he was simply shy. Born with an enigmatic birthmark on his face, his father despised him due to both the mark and having twins at that age – considered a bad omen at that time.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni achieved greatness despite a difficult childhood. He rose to become one of the world’s greatest samurai and then demon slayer, ultimately defeating Muzan, the most powerful demon in existence. Though Muzan managed to escape, Yor iichi had succeeded in instilling fear into him which could be seen through his eyes.

Do You Know About yoriichi Tsugikuni, The Demon Slayer

Yoriichi was filled with regret over Muzan’s escape, having discovered that his brother had turned into a demon and betrayed the Demon Corps.

Yoriichi confronts his brother, but things quickly spiral out of control as they begin attacking one another. Michiktsu is slashed in the neck by Yo riichi but before dying he kills Yor iichi – thus ending one of Demon Slayers’ most fearsome careers.

Yoriichi passed away at 85 years, while most demon slayers die before reaching 25. This testament to Yoriichi’s greatness and unbeatability is impressive.

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