Destiny 2: How to Get the Wish Ender Quest Guide

Destiny 2: Forsaken offers one of the most opulent weapons in all of Destiny, the new Wish Ending Quest bow. It’s one of two bows available as part of missions and could potentially prove useful in both PvE and PvP battles alike; however, obtaining it may prove a difficult task that takes some effort and time. This lesson will teach you how to add this opulent item to your inventory.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Wish Ender

Another challenging jail experience in Forsaken is The Shattered Throne. This exercise can be difficult due to its alternate attacks and strikes, going from power levels 570-580 – making it one of the strongest light workouts available in game. Enter at your own risk or find some liberal friends to watch over you.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Wish Ender Quest Guide

You must first defeat the Shattered Throne in this initial stage. However, you’ll face several obstacles along the way you must first access The Confluence by researching Rheasilvia church to reach it, then speak with Sedia, Corrupted strike’s supervisor, and go behind-the-scenes to discover an amazing entrance.

After defeating the major noteworthy chiefs you will come upon a sculpture of Sjur Eido. Approach it and give over your awakened talisman that you have likely been carrying for several week. Continue onward and defeats the final chief once the sculpture stops talking.

Though it may appear as though nothing has occurred and all options have been exhausteds, your assignment ahead is an exciting mystery.

Stage 1: Defeat the Shattered THRONE Dungeon.

This quest is only accessible when the Shattered Throne prison is open to the public, which occurs on a regular basis.

The Secret Mission (Stage 2)


Head to the Tangled Shore if you’ve defeated the Shattered Throne. Move into the main zone by taking the lift up to the Four-horned Gulch. When you take your Ghost outside, you’ll see a mission symbol nearby. Take a stroll over to the structure and investigate the Taken Ball. It will be surrounded by question marks and will ask you to “show your worth wish ender quest.”

You’ll be out on a wonderful clear assignment on the Tangled Shore after that. Battle your way through the Taken army until you reach the massive final area. Huge groups of Taken will assault you here. Even more so, you’ll be up against three Taken supervisors.

Overcoming these opponents is really straightforward, especially when done in a group. When they’re dead, you’ll get three tokens, each with the name of a supervisor. To cleanse them, you’ll have to return to the Shattered Throne.

CLEANSING THE TOKENS (wish ender quest)


Your chance to return to the Shattered Throne has come. This phase of the mission promises a lot of fun, as you attempt to free the final supervisor in jail – which proves to be quite challenging To begin, enter the prison and progress as far as possible until reaching Ogre leader’s massive head.

However, you’ll have to create and overcome some mystery managers while traversing the jail. To do so, locate a circle inside the jail and transfer it to its corresponding sculpture. Doing so will start an eventful sequence that will help purge your tokens.

Token 1 (QUERIM)

Token One is located in the prison’s main area, where you must defeat the Labyrinth Architects and retrieve your sculpture from atop the tallest building. A circle of sculptures will form around it with one mourning the loss of its sphere.

The circle is in the Tower of the Deep, rising above an image-filled chamber. To get there, enter from the rooftop. (Despite our belief that they aren’t, we have yet to confirm whether these spheres have irregular regions). (If you can’t spot it directly, check for similar spots on various pillars throughout this tutorial.)

Once you have the circle, return it to the top of the middle structure. You may reach your destination quickly by sprinting and jumping over certain rooftops. A Taken Minotaur will appear when the circle is placed inside of the sculpture. Querim, also known as Querim the Waking, will appear when you quickly kill it. Remove Querim to cleanse a token with that name.

Once you reach the area with all the structures and Ogres, spheres become less of an issue.

Token 2 (ERIVIKS)

Purify this token using two spheres. When entering the Ogre chamber, which requires going down a path that radiates over an enormous pit, proceed normally and kill everything inside. Return to the beginning and go one side of the doorway; there will be a generating point for your sphere hidden behind a column.

Take the sphere and carry it. A series of sculptures will line the far side of the chamber; pass one to move on to the next gathering. Continue around in a circle until all are seen – there’s nothing else left for you to explore here yet!

The Thrall chamber is your next circle. Once you pass through the doorway, climb up one side and look in for a sphere in an entryway. Take it and follow it through – though be warned: this stretch may be quite unpleasant with all of Thrall around you! To protect yourself, grab hold of any dividers as often as possible for extra support.

Drop down into the expansive area beneath Thrall lobby when you reach its end. On your right, you’ll spot the sculpture you’re searching for – fly into it and emerge through the front door!

Two spheres can be placed to form an impressive entranceway on the other side of a gorge. As you approach and traverse it, nothing but open fields await your destruction. In order to purify Erivik token, eliminate opponents and their supervisor.

Token 3 (XAVOTH)

This token is the most challenging to remove, as you have a very obnoxious supervisor to contend with. Kill the Wizards and remain alive long enough to accumulate enough imprints that purge the fire and lower Goliath Ogre’s safeguard when confronting him in combat.

Once the shield has been taken down, ignore the Ogre and begin searching around for a Taken Minotaur. Be cautious; these creatures tend to stay undetected. Once you slay the Minotaur, a circle will appear around its corpse. Snaffle it up and carry it to the opposite side of the chamber where you’ll find another sculpture to dunk on.

After the final sculpture, a second supervisor Ogre will appear in the chamber. Take out this token and purge it of any remaining protection so that only the true chief remains.

Take your three tokens to the sculpture outside Ogre Supervisory Combat and secure your bow from Sjur’s sculpture. Congratulations, and enjoy all your brightest colors.


With our help, we hope that the Destiny 2 wish ender quest has become much less intimidating for you. While this task isn’t particularly difficult, having a guide can always come in handy and ensure success. With that said, hopefully all your questions or issues have been addressed; our staff will do our best to provide the finest answer possible.

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