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Lost Ark: A Nose for News Updated Guide

Lost Ark Updated: Mathias of Stern’s Hoyte News sends players of the Lost Ark to the icy and remote Glacier Isle, where they find a polluted landscape full of trash.

This garbage, which is thought to have come from Arthetine and floated north, is tracked back to the Origin of Stern, where Mathias offers to help by publishing information on the corruption taking place in Arthetine’s technological branch.

The clues in Arthetine first direct the player to Nebelhorn’s oasis, whose neighbouring lab is in charge of all the water entering and leaving Stern.

The oasis had recently been emitting unusually high temperature readings, according to Yulia, the lab’s director. She tells the player to use a Magick Flow Detector to look for strange things going on in the area around the oasis.

Many gamers may find it unusually challenging to navigate the subsequent series of events. The Magick Flow Detector’s range only extends to a noticeably small circle around where it was installed, despite the fact that the regions of land surrounding the oasis and thus the area of the map that the quest identifies as searchable might be fairly extensive.

The detector can only be used once every five seconds, and there are adversaries that monitor the area where it needs to be placed, thus it can take a lot of effort to find the “ideal” site to deploy it. They are all located here.

Lost Ark

Location 1: By the narrow passage, the ribs

Typically, the ideal spot to bury a detector is beneath some large, alarmingly protruding monster bones close to an oasis. This same criteria applies when choosing where to locate its first slot; often next to smaller collections of bones.

Location 2: Close to a spine

To the north of the tree that has settled in the midst of the oasis, a much larger rib cage acts as a sort of natural border. Players should target their cursor at the rightmost vertebra because the placement of this detector can be somewhat tricky.

Location 3: Under the waterfall

The third and last detection is coincidentally made at the location where the waterfall to the north cascades down into yet another rib cage. The detector will disclose a concealed member of the technology branch if players aim slightly to the left of the two innermost ribs.

The worker admits, after being challenged and questioned, that the technicians gave him the instruction to work independently of Arthetine’s management. With this knowledge, the player returns to Stern’s municipal district and asks Sasha, Arthetine’s treasurer, for help in a covert investigation into the tech branch. This concludes A Nose for News and starts The Sickly Sea, the next task in the overall quest line for Glacier Isle.


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