Raspberry cookie Run Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Create Your Own Raspberry Cookie Run Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom): Our selection of raspberry cookie toppings offers some of the tastiest ways to top off your cookies. Discover more about our Raspberry Cookie Build with Toppings today!

  • Constructed with Raspberry Cookie for use as toppings;
  • OR X3 Solid Almond + X2 Quick Chocolate OR X3 Quick Chocolate + X3 Solid Almond
  • X5 Swift Choco with the substats DMG Resist and Evasion
Raspberry cookie Run Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

For a Raspberry Cookie Toppings construct in Cookie Run Kingdom, the DMG Resist with CD or pure CD would be an ideal option. You will need three Solid Almond Toppings along with two Swift Chocolate pieces to craft this impressive DMG Resist construct.

This will give you the CD. You will be using quick choco toppings for the pure Cooldown build that you are constructing. Raspberrys durability will be improved by the DMG resist with CD, and it will also assist her in activating the skill more rapidly.

While the pure CD version with DMG Resist sub stats focuses on releasing the skill as rapidly as possible with no enhancement to the player’s ability to survive, the other builds provide a wider variety of options.

Build: Raspberry Cookie Run Toppings-Information Regarding the Skill

Raspberry makes a quick sprint for the enemy with the highest ATK and continues striking them throughout her attack. The target’s ATK is temporarily reduced while being struck by ATJ, giving her increased resistance againsts effects that might otherwise disrupt her. So whenever Raspberry Cookies uses her talent, she increases her resistance againsts potential disruptions.

Tale of the Raspberry Cookie Run for Cookies!

The majestic Chateau Raspberry towers over countless raspberry fields in the glorious Hollyberry Kingdom’s scorching sun. It was here that Raspberry Cookie was born and spent her formative years, immersed in history and culture.

At an early age, she took up fencing – just as her famous forebears did – long before she had been taught the finer points of royal etiquette and eloquence. Raspberry Cookie has since grown up to become the successor and protector of House Raspberry, taking an oath to preserve its legacy and uphold its traditions.

Raspberry Cookie is poised for another great triumph over destiny as she holds her sword in hand and her delicately glossed hair flowing in the summer breeze, with proud House Raspberry flags flying behind her back. She’s ready to seize another victory from destiny’s iron fist!

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