Cookie Run Kingdom’s Black Raisin Cookie: Everything

Black Raisin Cookie: The Cookie Run Kingdom makers have added yet another cookie to their repertoire with the release of a new update. Anyone familiar with the Cookie Run franchise will recognise the game’s ever-growing collection of cookies, valuable prizes, and freebies.

Black Raisin Cookie build for toppings;

  • X5 Searing Raspberry Topping – Full ATK Build
  • X5 Swift Chocolate – Optional

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the best Black Raisin Cookie Toppings build set is the X5 Searing Raspberry Full ATK DMG Build, which gives Black Raisin more DMG, allowing you to receive more DMG output from Black Raisin if she is your main DMG unit in the squad. For Black Raisin, we recommend this topping build. Another Black Raisin Cookies Toppings construction set would be X5 Swift Choco or a combination of X3 Searing Raspberry + X2 Swift Choco.

Black Raisin Cookie

Skill Info

  • No one can escape the razor-sharp Black Raisin Eye! The Cookie slips into the shadows and reappears among the enemy ranks, striking multiple times and doing significant area damage.
  • x14 second base cd
  • Damage dealt: 79.7% (+1% DMG per level)


The harsh wind, the twisted trees, the war-ravaged streets… Who is it that lurks in the shadows? The solitary protector of the tragic relics of a once-great kingdom is Black Raisin Cookies. This cookie, made of shrivelled, wrinkled raisins, has understood the importance of surviving no matter what.

Despite the fact that she has lost one arm to the hazards of this tough terrain, Cookie continues to hunt for meagre food to feed people who have placed their faith in her. Despite the difficulties, Black Raisin Cookie has the warmth of a cookie heart: everyone, including a poor one-legged crow, deserves help.

A new day has begun, and with it comes a new challenge. On the other hand, Black Raisin Cookie will be there for the people, keeping an eye on them from the shadows.

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Basically, the Black Raisin Cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom is a welcome addition to your lineup. This is a cookie from the Ambush class, with a Middle position. They attack many times, causing massive area damage to their opponents.

Her ability was improved to allow her to target the cookies first, then the summoned creatures. If Black Raisin is your squad’s main damage unit, the X5 Searing Raspberry Full Attack Damage Build is excellent for her, as it allows you to get more damage out of her.

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