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Michael South Park: Michael is the most well-known member of the Goth Kids, and he is often the only one who shows up in stories. In the seventh season, the episode “Raisins” is the first time we see him.

Michael (South Park) Appearance

Michael walks with a brown, stiff cane because he is an Edwardian Goth. However, he is sometimes seen without it. In “Raisins,” he gave it to Stan, and in “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers,” he threw it away while running. Michael is taller than the other kids and has curly black hair that is parted on the right. He stands out from most South Park kids because he has a big nose and ears that can be seen. Michael also has black eyeliner under his eyes. He wears a long black jacket over a white dress shirt, black pants, and tall black boots. On his left ear, he also has a gold cross earring.

Michael South Park

When the vampire trend grows slowly, he dresses like a normal person so that people don’t think he or she is a vampire. His uniform is brown with a white stripe around it. He also wears long gray pants and brown shoes.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, he wears a Viking helmet, holds an ax, and wears a brown fur scarf.

Michael is a grown-up man in South Park: Post-Covid. He is the youngest of the goth kids because he doesn’t have any wrinkles. He still wears the same earrings and black jacket, but now he has a stubble, glasses, and a striped navy shirt.

In “Pajama Day,” he wears a dark grey nightgown with buttons, a sleeping cap, and black slippers. He is also holding a candle and a black pillow with a skull on it.

About Characters

In “You Got F’d in the A,” Michael helps Stan’s dance team be the biggest nonconformists of all by making sure they don’t even follow goth rules. He also suggests adding Yao and a girl, who turns out to be Raisins Girl Mercedes.

In “The Ungroundable,” Michael comes back and is taken for a vampire kid. Mike Makowski is the leader of the Vampire Kids. The Goth Kids kidnap him and plan to put a stake through his heart, but they end up sending him to Scottsdale, Arizona instead.

Michael and a few other people show up in “T.M.I.” in the class on how to deal with anger. He may have a small penis because he takes an anger management class with people who have anger problems because of the size of their penis.

Michael, Pete, and Firkle hear in “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers” that Henrietta went to a discipline camp that made her “emo.” They went to CPS to say that Henrietta’s parents were hurting her, but they didn’t say that she wasn’t really hurt. Later in the episode, he tries to talk to Henrietta. He tells her that the emos will be like the rest of the world because he can’t stop them. After he got home, his parents sent him back to the same camp to help “normalize” him. He tries to get away twice with help and finally gets Henrietta back to normal.

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According to “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers,” Michael has an Asian mother and a Caucasian father, suggesting that he is of mixed racial heritage. However, he may be referring to her as his stepmother, as he says, “Love didn’t work out for my mum and dad, so why should it work out for me?” in the episode “Raisins,” implying that his real parents were no longer together. Like Henrietta’s accusation that her mother “abuses” her, this may be an angst-ridden exaggeration.


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