Why Does Blaidd Attack You In Elden Ring?

Why does blaidd attack you in Elden Ring? Blaidd is the face of Elden Ring and everyone’s favorite big bad wolf. During Ranni’s questline, we meet him in an underground city, in the middle of the woods, and at Radahn’s Festival. Along with Mr. Pot and Patches, he is ready to help you fight the boss.

But he has a pretty rough past and a sad ending. Like the heroes who were the faces of Soulsborne games before him, he is the hero who falls from grace and goes from being a fan favorite to being a sad story. You can think of him as a “Were-Solaire.”

When you first meet him, he is looking for Darriwil in Mistwood Ruins. His mission seems easy: find Darriwil and kill him. But then you go through the manor, fight all kinds of horrible creatures, find a big magical dragon, a witch in a tall tower, and a new path that Blaidd helps you follow. A different way to go and a new part of his story.

Why Does Blaidd Attack You In Elden Ring?

Why does blaidd attack you in Elden Ring?


Blaidd is a non-player character who is half man and half wolf. You can find him in Mistwood Ruins. When you hear a howl, a man will ask you to snap your fingers. This is the first time Blaidd is seen.

His questline is pretty cool and gives good rewards, but what do you do when he attacks you? Here are some possible explanations:

Attacking Blaidd

The first thing that makes Blaidd angry is pretty obvious. Blaidd will attack you if you attack him first, just like most other NPCs in Elden Ring and FromSoft games in general.

This will lock his questline and make him try to kill you every time you see him. If you don’t want this to happen, don’t touch the R1 button when you talk to Blaidd.

Why Does Blaidd Turn Hostile?

The rich Elden Ring plots are already excellent game. Considering how the histories and plots of Elden Ring are intertwined, it’s probable that a player won’t be able to see everything in a single sitting.

Tough decisions of sacrifice that lock up an entire section of the game are frequently presented to players. In the instance of the NPC Blaidd, that is exactly the case.

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These are the reasons why Blaidd might have attacked you in Elden Ring. We really think you should do his quests, and if you do something wrong and Blaidd doesn’t like you, you’re in for a tough fight with some good rewards at the end.

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