How to Fix an Elden Ring Connection Error April 2024

Elden Ring Connection Error: When playing online video games such as Elden Ring, sometimes issues arise that prohibit us from connecting. You might get the notification that there was difficulty with connecting as soon as the loading screen loads; though pinpointing its cause might prove challenging at times. Don’t despair though–Elden Ring offers a solution & we will show how to utilize it here.

Elden Ring Connection Error Can Be Fixed

Elden Ring connectivity issues could arise for various reasons. Since Elden Ring cannot communicate with its server, in most instances your internet connection could be the root cause. Below are several strategies which may help address “Connection Problem Occurred” for Elden Ring.

How to Fix an Elden Ring Connection Error 2024

Check the Uptime of the Elden Ring Connection Error.

Elden Ring servers may be offline if you get an unexpected “Connection Error Occurred” error when trying to play. Check your game’s server status page or get in contact with Elden Ring support to check availability of servers in Elden Ring. For updates regarding any potential maintenance schedules or schedule adjustments follow official Elden Ring Twitter accounts or reach out directly.

When there are issues, developers often need time to restore Elden Ring servers. If this occurs for you, there is also an offline mode you can utilize during that period; otherwise if servers remain active but errors arise using tactics outlined below as they apply in that instance.

A virtual private network is an option (VPN).

Due to routing issues, the experience could be hindered in certain situations. As a consequence, in order to interact with Elden Ring servers, you must utilise a virtual private network (VPN). We recommend Cloudfare’s Warp programme as a virtual private network (VPN) to use. It uses very little disc space on your computer or mobile device & is completely free to use.


Steam engine restart.

Restarting Steam can help solve “Connection Problem Occurred” errors in Elden Ring. By right-clicking or using Windows Task Manager to force an application close, right-clicking or right-clicking cross in top right corner or restarting Steam will force its close. Check if issue persists when checking back with Elden Ring again after restart.

To use Elden Ring successfully, your Windows system must remain up-to-date. To install updates from within Windows Update or check for them from other sources such as Start Menu/Settings Menu/Update & Security Menu or other sources; make sure before relaunching Elden Ring that all necessary updates have been applied before doing so.

Restarting your router can take some time.

If none of the solutions above work, your internet connection could be to blame. Restart your WiFi router for several minutes to see if that helps before reaching out to an ISP; reconnect then unplug then reconnect afterwards before restarting Elden Ring.

At this point, our discussion on fixing Elden Ring’s “Connection Bug Occurred” error has come to an end. For further insight on Elden Ring & more specific knowledge of it such as weapon tiers or How to Get Somber Smithing Stone 8&9 as well as What Does Arcane Do in Elden Ring, make sure to browse Twinfinite.

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