How to Fix an Elden Ring Connection Error January 2023

Elden ring connection Error :Elden Ring is not an exception when it comes to playing video games online. You get the notification that there was a problem connecting to the server since you are left on the loading screen. There are times when it is difficult to identify the underlying reason, but this does not mean that the issue cannot be resolved. Elden Ring’s “Connection Issue Occurred” issue has a fix, and we’ll demonstrate how to use it.

Connection Error of Elden Ring Can Be Fixed

The connectivity issue with Elden Ring might have many reasons. Since it cannot communicate with the Elden Ring server, your internet connection is likely the real problem in most cases. The following techniques may be used to resolve the “Connection Problem Occurred” issue for Elden Ring:

How to Fix an Elden Ring Connection Error July 2022

Check the Uptime of the Elden Ring Connection Error.

Elden Ring servers could be offline if you get the dreaded “Connection Error Occurred” error message while attempting to play. You should check the game’s server status to see whether the servers are online. Players who want to stay informed about any potential maintenance schedules may follow the official Elden Ring Twitter account or get in touch with Elden Ring support.

If there are issues, it can take some time for the developers to repair the Elden Ring servers. For those who wish to pass the time, there is also an offline option accessible. If the servers are active, you can still get an error. Use the tactics listed below if this is the case.

A virtual private network is an option (VPN).

Due to routing issues, the experience could be hindered in certain situations. As a consequence, in order to interact with Elden Ring servers, you must utilise a virtual private network (VPN). We recommend Cloudfare’s Warp programme as a virtual private network (VPN) to use. It uses very little disc space on your computer or mobile device and is completely free to use.


Steam engine restart.

Restarting the Steam client is one of the best solutions to fix the “Connection Problem Occurred” problem in Elden Ring. By right-clicking the cross in the top right corner of the screen or by using Windows’ task manager, it is possible to force the app to close. Try restarting Steam and checking again if the problem continues.

To utilise Elden Ring, you must maintain your Windows system updated. Choose Check for Updates from the Start menu, Settings menu, Update & Security menu, or Windows Update window to install Windows updates. Before relaunching the game, make sure the most recent updates are installed.

Restarting your router can take some time.

If none of the above solutions work, your internet connection is probably to fault. Try restarting your WiFi router for a few minutes to see if it resolves the issue before contacting your Internet service provider. Reconnect your router switch after that, and then unplug it for two minutes. Reconnect the switch on the router, then restart Elden Ring.

This concludes our discussion of how to fix the “Connection Bug Occurred” problem in Elden Ring. Keep in mind to browse Twinfinite for more information on Elden Ring, such as our comprehensive list of weapon tiers, How to Get Somber Smithing Stone 8 & 9, and What Does Arcane Do in Elden Ring. and more.

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