Elden Ring Wiki January 2023: Full Complete Guide

Elden Ring Wiki With millions of downloads and active players, Elden Ring is a very popular game on the market. Because of its comprehensive gameplay and character sets, the game is sometimes compared to huge games like Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls. That is why it is critical to read the entire Elden Ring Wiki guide in order to gain a better understanding of the game and its tale.

Elden Ring is not an easy game by any means, as it was created with difficulty in mind. It belongs to the open-world genre of games, in which you must explore the country while completing tasks and missions. The gameplay is fantastic, but reading the entire wiki guide will give you a leg up.

Elden Ring Wiki – Everything You Need to Know

Because the game is so large, players will need some reference or assistance to grasp the geography, the characters, and the possible classes. So, below is a complete information and help guide for the game, divided into subsections.

Elden Ring Wiki - Everything You Need to Know

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Characters in the Elden Ring

You January pick from a variety of characters in the game. Some of the characters are remained restricted since the game’s release on February 25th,2023, but you may access the others. A list of characters and their descriptions January be found below.

  • The Tarnished Game protagonist.
  • General Radahn god of Gods and among the few that was at war with the other.
  • Godfrey, one of the very first Elden Lord.
  • Godwyn The Golden Godwyn the Golden is a god and the son of queen Marika the eternal and Godfrey the First Lord of Elden.
  • Melina: a mysterious woman who is willing to join forces together with Tarnished to aid them in their way.
  • Malenia the Vered an Empyrean and demigod warrior who fought her siblings to control the Great Runes.
  • Kale is a a nomadic dealer who is located in Limgrave.
  • Gostoc Gatekeepers at the entry point into Stormveil Castle.
  • Godrick”the Grafted”: the ruler of Stormveil Castle and the ultimate boss of this region.
  • queen Marika the eternal: an element of the background for the game.
  • Rogier Sorcerer who is located in the Stormveil Castle.
  • Sellen, the Sorceress: sorceress offering her items of sorcery to those who are Tarnished She is located in the eastern region of West Limgrave.
  • torrent: Torrent is a horse from Elden Ring and the player’s horse.
  • White-Faced Varre located at Limgrave near The first Step website of grace.

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Locations of the Elden Ring

Elden Ring contains a wide area, and since it is an open-world game, you must search for items on your own. Here are some map places that you January want to check out.


Limgrave is a fantastic location with plenty of desire and a large expanse of flora and riches. You’ll find a vast range of creatures and plans here. Aside from the abundant wildlife and plants, you’ll have to contend with dangerous predators hiding in the forest, eager to fight you.

It is one of the game’s main continental areas, and it is an extremely daring and tough terrain owing to its open world aspect. This region has a diverse range of rivers, lakes, and mountains, as well as a diverse range of animals and plants.

Peninsula of Weeping

It is a huge area that has been splintered from Limgrave’s main metropolis. It is located in the south and is linked to the rest of the world by a single bridge known as the Bridge of Sacrifice. This island gives you the shivers and has a melancholy vibe about it. There is one castle where numerous valuable ornaments January be found.

The Lakes’ Liurnia

It is one of the game’s main continental areas, and it is an extremely daring and tough terrain owing to its open world aspect. This region has a diverse range of rivers, lakes, and mountains, as well as a diverse range of animals and plants.


Dragonbarrow is a large plate with a variety of hills strewn over it. There is practically minimal vegetation in this area. The land ass was erected by dragons that fled the scarlet witch, according to the game’s history.

The Royal Capital of Leyndell

This is the game’s major capital, where you’ll discover a variety of activities. Despite the fact that the city has been largely devastated by the dragon Gransax, it is still worth seeing.

The Giants’ Mountaintops

This is at the topmost top of the terrain between’s northeast area. Giants used to live here a long time ago, and the scars are still visible. Nobody lives there anymore, and it’s as if it were desert. If you are interested in seeing the giants’ frozen remains, these mountains are the place to go.

Classes for Elden Rings

Elden Ring, like other RPG-style games, includes several classes with varied skill sets and abilities. To continue their gaming adventure, players January choose one of these. The majority of characters are uneditable, although you may tweak them once you’ve made your first selection.


Due to its nature and abilities, Vagabond is also known as the bleeding wolf class. This class is for folks that play the game on a regular basis and love tanking. This character has immense strength and can effortlessly handle hefty swords and armors.


Because they can don light armour and huge axes and are excellent combatants, this class is regarded as the champion class. They also have the capacity to use magic to blast their adversaries from afar. This class also enables you to combine parts from other classes to create a bespoke hero class.

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Strength and vigour are generally associated with the warrior class, and this is no exception. These warriors are skilled with curved swords and bows and are swift on their feet. They January use projectile-based attacks to assault and combat foes from a distance Elden Ring Wiki .


As the name implies, this class in the game reflects a faith-based personality. This class focuses on miracles and operates in a unique way from other sessions. They can only use light armour and aren’t very adept in close combat.

Wretch Wretch is a blank class that users January edit to their liking. They can usually wild a majority of weapons, with the exception of the exceptionally hefty ones. This lesson is solely for novices, and it’s a great way to get a feel for the game.


This is a creepy-looking class in the game, but they have incredible abilities. Wrapped in rags and worn clothing, the prisoner has the appearance of a beggar. In addition, when it comes to gameplay, this class is quite obscure, and its specific qualities are unknown.


This class is also skilled with projectile-based weaponry. Aside from that, they’re also incredibly good at using stealth and poison bonuses.


As the name implies, this class is an expert in wizardry and can do amazing feats with it. This is a fantastic class to pick if you want to experience some elemental magic in the game.


Confessors are basically spies in disguise; they are quick, quiet, and lethal when equipped with a sword.


Samurai are the worry from down the road; they are powerful, local, smart, and capable of hunting down everything. They can use katanas, longbows, and other hand-to-hand weaponry.


Each class’s characteristics are shown in a tabular format below. You January choose the one that best matches your gaming style.

Make careful to choose a decent class early on in the game since it will drastically influence the player’s route for the remainder of the game. It will be exceedingly tough to finish objectives if you choose a weak character. If you’re new to the game, we suggest checking out Elden Ring Ideal Class For Beginners, which will assist you in selecting the best class for you.

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As a result, we’ve reached the conclusion of our Elden Ring Wiki guide. Please keep in mind that the game is still in its early stages, and there is a lot of room for exploration. When additional information, techniques, characters, and secure game item locations become available, we will update this article. You January bookmark our website and play the game till then.

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