Is Elden Ring cross platform PC Xbox?

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform? As one of the year’s most anticipated games, Elden Ring from FromSoftware has established itself as one of the most popular. Fans of FromSoftware’s games, old & new, are equally enthused by the game’s breathtaking scenery, classic RPG creatures, & brand-new plot.

Co-op & multiplayer modes in Elden Ring are like those in FromSoftware games like Dark Souls 3 & Bloodborne. Taking on Elden Ring’s vast open world monsters will be much easier with a group of companions on your side. If PvP is more your style, you could also rudely stop another co-op session to get some blood.

Co-op is back in FromSoft’s latest game, however cross-play for Elden Ring was never confirmed by the company.

Is Elden Ring Cross Platform?

Everything you need to know about crossplay with Elden Ring

Is it possible to crossplay an Elden ring?

Elden Ring provides crossplay for similar-family systems like Xbox, PS4, & PS5. That means Xbox users (such as One, S, X) can get together & enjoy one another. And PS4/PS5 owners alike can now meet & have some fun together, you could summon someone with one console, or assist others who don’t yet possess one.

Unfortunately, Elden Ring does not support cross-platform play between different consoles, PC gamers cannot assist console gamers & Xbox & PlayStation gamers cannot join together to form teams in Elden Ring. Such a shame since Elden Ring can provide players with an invaluable way to support each other when dealing with difficult situations.

What’s the status of the Elden Ring Crossplay?

Elden Ring, developed & published by FromSoftware & published by Bandai Namco, remains unknown at present as there has been no official statement regarding cross platform play, furthermore it remains to be determined if or when such functionality will be implemented, previous games in FromSoftware Soulsbourne series did not feature crossplay functionality & even Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice did not offer such feature despite having crossplay functionality, there may still be hope though given Dark Souls 3 immense popularity that such features could potentially appear later though given it might happen its inclusion is far from assured if or when introduced later.

Cross-Platform the Elden Ring

There is currently no cross-platform support for Elden Ring.

A plus is that Elden Ring will support cross-platform co-op between PlayStation 4 & 5 users. Xbox One & Xbox One S gamers have the same issue.


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