Demon’s Souls Cat Ring Whole Guide 2024

Cat Ring is a ring that can be found in Demon’s Souls. This ring will reduce the amount of damage you incur from falling by a significant amount.

This ring may be located in Valley of Defilement 5-2, on a little island behind the fog gate. The location is 5-2. Try to locate the Black Phantom in the same location.

Cat Ring Location: Location of Cat Ring

Cat Ring
  • The Black Phantom, who is armed with a cleaver, is on patrol in Swamp of Sorrow 5 – 2, to the left of the first fog gate.
  • Can be purchased with 40,000 souls from Patches, the hyena in The Nexus.

Advice and Notes

  • For the 2020 remake, the ring’s original name, “Cat’s Ring,” was changed.
  • A real-life photograph of a cat served as the ring’s initial Status Effect.

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