Battleground Z in Nintendo 3DS, a Whole Guide

Battleground Z (StreetPass Zombies outside the US) was created by Good-Feel. To combat a swarm of zombies, players acquire goods depending on their Mii Plaza StreetPass avatars’ interests.

Arm yourself, aid your fellow survivors, and prove to the zombies who is boss! To defend Hobbiville, team up with other survivors and fight the zombie apocalypse.


Battleground Z focuses on beat-em-ups. While fighting zombies, the player must perform tasks. Missions include killing all zombies, escorting a survivor, or guarding a key area. In this Streetpass Mii Plaza game, the Miis’ hobbies are more important than their colours.

Battleground Z

When a player encounters a survivor, the survivor gives them one of 26 unique weapons based on their hobbies to fight zombies. Upon StreetPassing another Battleground Z player, their Mii may offer to join up instead of handing the player their weapon.


The player’s Mii arrives via subway at Hobbiville, a metropolis of hobbyists. The player observes a ringing smartphone and a curious bottle as the metro approaches a tunnel. The phone’s owner asks the player about his hobbies and instructs him to locate a weapon when he responds. Zombie invaders appear when the player discovers a Wii Remote. Dr. Scarlet introduces herself while the player fights zombies. She tells the player Hobbiville is overrun by zombies, but she may be able to discover a cure if they help her. The player agrees in quiet. After eliminating the subway’s zombie wave, the player lands in Hobbiville to discover survivors and meet Dr. Scarlet.

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