Spider-Man Remastered: All Locations for the Black Cat Stakeouts

Spider-Man Remastered Black Cat stakeouts are a map activity. With a large environment to explore and much to accomplish, Spider-Man is an open-world game. Spider-Man must locate Black Cat’s clues in Black Cat stakeouts. Here are Spider-Man Black Cat’s cat places.

How to start with Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeouts

Black Cat stakeouts are introduced throughout the main plot, like other side activities. Spider-Man receives a blocked voicemail early in the game. The voice gives Spider-Man an address and challenges him to apprehend her.

The goal marker triggers a cutscene. Black Cat taunts Spider-Man again to chase her. After the sequence, you’ll be filmed. Let’s discuss the first of 12 stakeouts.

Finding the cats in Spider-Man Remastered Black Cat Stakeouts

StakeoutCat Location
GreenwichTo the left, near some orange parasols
Hell’s Kitchen (South)Vent beside the green and pink graffiti
Hell’s Kitchen (North)Window of jewellery store
Upper West SideRoof above pool, left of Black Cat painting
HarlemDoorway of roof with painting of diamond
Upper East SideBuilding below, balcony on right side
Midtown (North)Doorway on L-shaped roof
Midtown (South)Rooftop garden, in doorway below Black Cat mural
ChinatownIn skylight surrounded by grafitti
Financial District (North)Beneath Black Cat billboard
Financial District (South)Top roof of ornate gallery building

After engagement, the first camera is see-through. Must-see: Black Cat’s cat doll. Each stakeout has a camera and cat doll. First hint:

Your neighbor’s building has a Black Cat painting. Cat doll in door’s opening. R1/RB. Review your map for remaining stakeout tasks. Cat dolls are available.
Left after activating the Greenwich camera. Parasols and sun loungers decorate the cat doll’s roof. The southern Hell’s Kitchen stakeout is painted green and pink. Cat doll.

Northern Hell’s Kitchen. Jeweler’s storefront has Black Cat artwork. Upper West Side has a pool-topped skyscraper. Next-door Black Cat mural. Cat figurine unlocks mural’s left trap door.
Harlem. Black Cat entrance, diamond-painted ceiling. Doll beside door. Short, beautiful UES building. Right balcony cat doll. Midtown is south of Central Park. You see two shorter buildings with a Black Cat painting and a doll in a doorway. Rooftop garden in Midtown. The doll rests in Felicia’s entryway artwork.

Chinatown. Skylights are graffiti-covered. Skylight-doll. Chinatown billboard shows Black Cat’s mask. Doll under billboard. Financial District. A Black Cat toy is hidden in a building’s hatch.

Finishing the Activity for the Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeouts

Spider-Man Remastered will know Black Cat’s hideaway after finding all 12 cats. Find the hidden door by following the goal marker. Inside, you’ll discover Black Cat’s stolen items, a new costume, and another recorded message. The Black Cat’s Dark Suit is black and crimson.
No Black Cat means leaving. When you do, Yuri will phone to tell Black Cat used the evidence cat dolls to deactivate the police station alarms, slip in, and grab her old gear. Felicia Hardy won’t return until the Heist DLC, but that’s another tale.

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