Elden Ring DLC Mod: seeks to topple From Software

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s release date is far off, but fan-made DLC mods for FromSoftware’s largest game are abundant. Elden Ring, including this DLC-sized piece, feels new despite being a year old due to many skilled modders! There are also Bloodborne references.

Ring DLC-sized Eldenlands mod already makes the fantasy game feel more like an MMO, but GiocatoreSingolo (what a name!) has made the Elden Ring – Unofficial Extension mod with many others, adding Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne items. Elden Ring DLC “seeks to preserve the basic experience while still giving up plenty of amusement,” which sounds a lot like Shadow of the Erdtree.

Elden Ring DLC Mod

Elden Ring DLC Mod

This Elden Ring DLC mod packs in an enormous amount of changes and additions so we have listed everything below for your convenience.

  • 50 new weapons
  • 30 pieces of armor
  • Two new maps
  • Two altered maps
  • Marginally edited summons
  • Altered level curves
  • 17 new classes
  • Unlocked Ashes of War
  • Attempt at boosting Flasks
  • Larger FOV in no combat time
  • Health bar scales for higher HP, so in the endgame, the bar will be shorter than usual
  • Faster map cursor
  • Faster respawn times
  • New merchants (at Roundtable Hold), one for flasks upgrades, one for partial sword arts, and one that sells magic, all sword arts, all ashes
  • Altered Craftables: all my new equipment is available there
    Craftable key items to progress through the game without wasting time
  • Longer-lasting grease
  • Boosted the effectiveness of several talismans
  • RADIANT BALDACHIN’S BLESSING is now an item that boosts poise but lowers defence, stamina recovery, attack power. Unlimited, craftable
  • Armors and weapons have special effects, check their description for more
  • I might have altered Goldmask’s dialogue
  • Additional Sites of Grace
  • Faster Torrent
  • Bloodborne Dash
  • Eclectic game progression
  • Minor additional items (accessible at Unfamiliar Merchants)

Elden Ring DLC Mod: GiocatoreSingolo’s mod bundle contains many other modifications, but GiocatoreSingolo added Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne gear to it. They note that this Extension is still in early access, incomplete and needs further refinement; they plan to make improvements by adding fixes and theme changes as time allows.

Installing The Elden Ring DLC Mod is free, though be sure to read its mod description carefully as it may involve some technical steps.

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