Pokemon GO Leak: Reveals New legendaries & Hisuian evolutions

Pokemon GO Leak: As a new Pokemon GO season approaches, dataminers have supposedly unearthed fresh information on some of the impending legendary and Hisuian’mons.

Pokemon GO dataminers seem to have uncovered new legendary and Hisuian varieties ahead of the next season. Niantic has added Ultra Beasts, Zamazenta, Zacian, and even Gimmighoul to the successful mobile game’s lineup over the previous several years.

Pokemon GO Leak: New legendaries

New Alolan Pokemon have been introduced to the game during the Season of Light. This list contains Mareanie, Togedemaru, Crabrawler, and the enigmatic Cosmog, which players may develop into Solgaleo or Lunala during the Astral Eclipse event. Fans are wondering what’s next for the game as the season winds down.

Pokemon GO Leak

Pokemon GO Leak: Unofficially, the game dataminers may have addressed part of that question. Datamining the game’s files revealed new assets in a PokeMiners Twitter tweet. Regieleki, Regidrago, Kleavor, and their flashy versions are the assets, although datamined information may alter.

Pokemon GO Leak: More Details

Niantic hasn’t disclosed any details about the new season or its theme. If genuine, the datamined assets might imply that Niantic is preparing a themed season or event in the coming months, like last year’s Welcome to Alola event, which delivered Jangmo-o and its evolutions, Rockruff, Tapu Koko, and Tapu Lele.

Pokemon GO Leak: The popular mobile game’s 2024 direction is still unknown, but Niantic has revealed information about its monthly Community Day weekend festivities. Niantic announced April, April, and May Community Days after Noibat’s April release. Players may at least prepare for April 18, April 15, and May 21. April 29 was also the commencement date for the Community Day Classic, which usually features an older Pokemon that hasn’t been featured in a while. Larvitar, a Pokemon not seen since 2018, was highlighted in January.

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