Anime Evolution Simulator Codes: Latest Codes (April 2024)

Roblox Anime Evolution Simulator codes may be used to gain free gems. Below are all the live Anime Evolution Simulator coupons as well as the expired ones in case you wish to try them.

Anime Evolution Simulator Codes

Anime Evolution Simulator Codes (April 2024)

Knowing every single code accessible for Anime Evolution Simulator is helpful since they unlock a variety of in-game items. The complete list of active Anime Evolution Simulator coupons for April is shown below.

Anime Evolution Simulator Codes
UPDATE14Redeem for All Boosts
CHRISTMASSOONRedeem for All Boosts
UPDATE12Redeem for All Boosts
MICKandRORTYRedeem for a 2x Boost
50KLIKESRedeem for a Boost
75KFAVSRedeem for a Boost
FREEPOINTS3Redeem for 4x Coins
FREEPOINTS2Redeem for Free Points
FREEPOINTSRedeem for Free Points
20KLIKESRedeem for 2x Power Boost
25KLIKESRedeem for 2x Power Boost
30KLIKESRedeem for 2x Power Boost
8MVISITSRedeem for 2x Power Boost
10MVISITSRedeem for 2x Power Boost
35KFAVSRedeem for 2x Damage Boost
50KFAVSRedeem for 2x Damage Boost
5MVISITSRedeem for Power Boost
25KFAVSRedeem for 2x Damage Boost
12KLIKESRedeem for 2x Damage Boost
15KLIKESRedeem for 2x Power Boost
10KLIKESRedeem for a 2x Power Boost
4KLIKESThis code was announced via the developer Discord, but was not working when we checked it. We’ll update the page if this changes.
1MVISITSRedeem for a 2x Power Boost
500KVISITSRedeem for a 2x Power Boost
7KFAVSRedeem for a 2x Power Boost
ReleaseRedeem to get 70 Coins
10KVISITSRedeem to get 250 Coins
100KVISITSRedeem to get a 2x Power Boost
200KVISITSRedeem to get a 2x Power Boost
1KLIKESRedeem to get a 2x Power Boost

For more codes follow us or follow them on them on their social media like Twitter, Facebook and other platform.

Anime Evolution Simulator Expired Coupons (April 2024)

  • There aren’t any fresh expired Anime Evolution Simulator coupons at the moment, but check back often for changes.

Redeeming Anime Evolution Simulator Coupons

Anime Evolution Simulator Codes

Launch Roblox Anime EvolutionSimulator and choose the Twitter symbol on the left side of the screen to use your promotional codes. To redeem your code and get your free in-game gifts, enter it into the box by typing it in or pasting it.

  • Launch Roblox and access Anime Evolution Simulator.
  • Keep an eye out for the Twitter bird icon on the left-side of your screen; it serves as the button for redeeming codes.
  • Clicking the icon will bring up a special window designed for entering codes.
  • Please use this text box to enter an active Anime Evolution Simulator code from a gaming website or developer’s social media page; keep in mind these codes may often be case-sensitive!
  • After entering your code, press either “OK” or “Redeem”, depending on which game window is being referred to.

Where we can get more Anime Evolution Simulator codes?

Anime Evolution Simulator Codes
  • Gaming Websites: Many gaming websites compile and publish Roblox game codes, including for Anime Evolution Simulator. Here are some popular ones you should visit to take a look:
  • Roblox Youtube Channels: Some Roblox YouTubers specialize in covering codes for various games, including Anime Evolution Simulator. These YouTube channels create videos featuring new codes as they become available and how you can redeem them; try searching YouTube for “Anime Evolution Simulator Codes.”
  • Official Discord Server for Anime Evolution Simulator: Your game developer might host an official Discord server where they announce updates, codes, and any news regarding Anime Evolution Simulator. Look out for an invitation link in either your game description or developer social media pages; joining these servers can keep you abreast of new codes as they become available.

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