how old is kakashi in boruto? April 2024 Latest Update

How old is Kakashi Hatake from Boruto: Kakashi Hatake of Boruto has long been revered and esteemed among fans, serving as an idol and role model to young ninjas alike. Even after all these years, his age remains unclear, while grey locks and damaged appearance in Boruto may pique your curiosity further.

Sasuke has long been one of Naruto’s closest allies since becoming Team 7 sensei in Episode 3 (Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?). Sasuke first introduced herself as Naruto’s sensei to Naruto during Episode 5.

how old is kakashi in boruto?

It’s a challenge, but we’ll succeed in the end.

how old is kakashi in boruto

Naruto’s birth on May 10th coincides with the Fourth Shinobi World War’s conclusion and his parents’ deaths.

With Kakashi celebrating his birthday on May 15th, it is easy to ascertain his age.

Kakashi established Team 7 when he was 26 years old, according to Narutopedia.

Naruto’s initial run (Part I) takes one year, while Part II requires two.

Due to a two-year interval between parts, Kakashi may reach age 31 by the time Shippuden concludes.

After two years following the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kakashi achieves status as Sixth Hokage for Konoha at age 33.

Kakashi will have been 36 when Boruto was born; another three-year time gap will appear following World War II.

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According to what we can gather, Boruto was roughly the same age when his father Naruto embarked upon his journey. Kakashi appears as 48 in episode one of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

No longer do we lack Kakashi’s age in Boruto! For additional details regarding Naruto, Boruto and Kakashi visit any of the websites linked below.

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