What happened to Annie aot in Attack on Titan?

Annie aot :Eren Yeager defeated Annie Leonhart, who then hid in Titan crystallisation. She made appearances in flashbacks and Armin was shown to have visited her often in season 4. After Eren reversed the hardness of the Titans in season four of Attack on Titan, many people were left wondering what had become of Annie.

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After surviving her crystallisation, Annie Leonhart is back in action in the most recent season of Attack on Titan. After escaping her jail, she is relieved to reunite with Hitch Dreyse, a long-lost friend. Hitch was one of several visits to her underground during her Hardening state, along with Armin.

Attack on Titan Episode 82’s Annie says that although she has been listening in on Armin and Hitch’s conversations, she has been prevented from being alone. She stayed up the whole time and was well-versed on the events of past seasons thanks to her chats with them.

What happened to annie aot in Attack on Titan?

The Female Titan had plenty of time to reflect about her background and the things she had done after spending so much time in the crystals. It is learned that a foreigner of Eldian ancestry found her when she was a tiny child and raised her to be a fearsome soldier. She goes for Paradis to begin her journey to find the Founding Titan, but the man who nursed her regrets his actions and begs her to come home.

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The last thing Annie needs to do is fulfil her father’s request and go back to Marley. She has to work with both old enemies and allies in order to stop Eren from killing everyone in the room. The newly formed gang’s journey to support the Marleyans in their fight was last seen in Season Four Part One. You’ll be in for a treat if you can’t wait until 2023 for the release of Part Three.

You will be aware of Annie’s fate if you have watched annie aot on Titan, so be ready for her return in the next sequel. For more details on Attack on Titan, including which episode is thought to be the best, a Titan quiz, and more, click on the links provided below.

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