What happened to Annie aot in Attack on Titan?

Annie Leonhart had disappeared into Titan crystallisation following Eren Yeager’s defeat of Annie Leonhart and then made periodic flashback appearances; Armin also visited Annie often throughout season 4. When Eren reversed the hardness of Titans in Season Four of Attack on Titan, many viewers wondered where Annie Leonhart had gone and were left confused as to her fate.

annie aot Ultimate Destiny: Attack on Titan

Annie Leonhart has returned from crystallisation successfully in Attack on Titan Season 3. Upon leaving jail, Annie finds solace in a long-lost friend: Hitch Dreyse – whom had visited during Armin’s Hardening state as well – being back.

Attack on Titan Episode 82’s Annie mentions how listening in on Armin and Hitch’s discussions prevented her from feeling alone; due to their constant conversation, Annie managed to remain awake through all hours and was well informed on past seasons’ events as a result of them.

What happened to annie aot in Attack on Titan?

After spending so much time in the crystals, The Female Titan had ample opportunity to reflect upon her past and the choices that had led her down her current path. It is revealed that an Eldian foreigner found and raised her from infanthood; after leaving Paradis to begin searching for The Founding Titan himself he is filled with regret over their decisions and begs her return home immediately.

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annie aot Attack on Titan

Annie must fulfill her father’s request and return to Marley, working alongside both old foes and allies alike in order to prevent Eren from killing everyone present in a room. Their newly formed gang’s journey supporting Marleyans against Eren was last seen in Season Four Part One; you won’t want to wait 2023 before viewing Part Three!

As anyone familiar with Attack on Titan will know, Annie will make her return in its sequels. For more details about Attack on Titan such as which episode may be considered to be best or taking an online Titan quiz, follow these links:

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