Kelpie Robe Hogwarts Legacy shows unavailable: How to Get?

Kelpie Robe Hogwarts Legacy shows unavailable: Completionists of video games often face the difficulty of collecting every item available within modern titles – particularly if some items require downloads such as Hogwarts Legacy’s Kelpie Robe (only available via downloads). But there is an easier way to acquire this elusive green garment – through downloads!

How Can I Get Kelpie robe DLC In Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy developers have not confirmed that the Kelpie Robe DLC will return, though it is possible. One option would be making it available again to generate additional microtransaction revenue; or keeping it exclusive for Collector Edition buyers who paid $300 for it – as doing otherwise would be unfair to those who invested.

Kelpie Robe Hogwarts Legacy shows unavailable

Is it still possible to obtain the Kelpie Robe in Hogwarts Legacy?

Searching for individuals who purchased the Collector Edition may help you obtain the Kelpie robe DLC code though beware of its potential downsides such as scamming or paying exorbitant prices or discovering that it doesn’t work on your platform.

Unlock the Hogwarts Legacy Kelpie robe DLC

The Kelpie robe is not obtainable through regular gameplay in Hogwarts Legacy. There are no quests, dungeons, or chests that offer this elegant green robe, which appears to be crafted from the remains of a Kelpie spirit.

Instead, the only way to obtain the Kelpie robe is through DLC. However, it’s not as simple as purchasing it from your platform’s store for a few dollars. The Kelpie robe DLC was exclusively available as part of the Collector’s Edition for Hogwarts Legacy.

Players who purchased the Collector’s Edition received the Kelpie robe along with other exclusive items such as a collector’s case, a life-sized floating wand, and the Dark Arts DLC pack. Although the Dark Arts pack can be purchased separately for $19.99, the Kelpie robe is only available as part of the Collector’s Edition.

To obtain the Kelpie robe DLC, one had to purchase the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition for $299.99. This cosmetic pack was exclusive to the Collector’s Edition and is highly sought-after in the community.


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