iothiddenmenu app available for Android devices? Is It Possible

Get familiar with the iothiddenmenu app for Android, its features, and the process for enabling or disabling it.

There have been a variety of modifications made to Android ever since the initial version was made available, and these changes have made it both perplexing and thrilling. The fact that it enables users to take use of a wide variety of features that are unavailable on feature phones is one of the reasons why it is so fascinating.

On the other hand, it is unclear since there are several system apps that leave people wondering what they are. These include the apps for the carrier hub and the iot hidden menu.

You are able to personalise your Android smartphone with the use of these apps that are built into the system. Aside from that, the iot hidden menu gives you access to additional apps that are not often offered to consumers in a straightforward fashion.

Therefore, if you have come across this feature on your phone and wondered what it is, join us as we offer specifics on what the iot hidden menu app is, how to access it, and how to resolve it on your phone. During this time, we will also discuss how you may access it.

iothiddenmenu app available for Android devices? Is It Possible For Me To Use It?

What exactly does “iothiddenmenu” entail when it comes to your phone?

To begin, let’s begin by defining what the Internet of Things (IoT) is. Obviously, the iothiddenmenu application is comprised of a mixture of two significant components that you need to be aware of. These applications are for the Internet of Things and Hidden Menus. Therefore, in order for you to comprehend how the application operates, the Internet of Things (IoT) itself has to be comprehended first.

The phrase “Internet of Things” is abbreviated as “IoT.” These are a number of separate or physical devices that are networked together and have the ability to communicate and share data through the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that offers “real world” or “physical items” the ability to connect to the internet, as well as to process data and perform analytics.

It allows users of Android devices to communicate with the global information network without the need for an intermediary keyboard and screen. In a nutshell, it indicates that physical things may get instructions from the internet without requiring the participation of humans or any other kind of support.

Is the iothiddenmenu app available for Android devices?

After you have a knowledge of what the Internet of Things is, the next thing you will likely be asked is what the iothiddenmenu app is on your Android device. When you first obtain a new piece of technology, one of your first priorities will be to alter its user interface so that it better suits your needs. However, you are unable to accomplish this unless you first access a special menu that enables you to carry out a variety of actions, including modifying the interface that is used by default.

Therefore, the Iot hidden menu android app is a covert menu that enables you to personalise the User Interface on your Android phone. Users may not always be able to see this hidden menu, since the makers have purposefully concealed it so that you may discover it via exploration.

Hidden Menu settings are sometimes referred to as “Easter Eggs,” and they are a component of the operating system or programme. The developers will intentionally leave the Easter eggs undocumented so that you may discover them when you are configuring your phone.

The iot hidden menu app is not shown as Hidden Menu Settings on the majority of Android devices; rather, it is presented as System UI Turner. Marshmallow, also known as Android Version 6, is required to use this user interface for the system.

It is helpful for customising the Android status bar, as well as the clock on the device, alerts, and a lot of other things. The majority of the time, you will not readily be able to find these settings on your phone; nevertheless, you may access the hidden menu by typing #0# into your phone’s keypad.

What is the Intended Purpose of the iot Hidden Menu Application?

Even while the iothiddenmenu app and the System UI Turner app are not visible on the phone in the same way that other apps are, this does not imply that they are not useful. The iot hidden menu may not only be used to alter the user interface of your smartphone, but it can also be used to identify problems with the phone’s many other hardware and software components.

Therefore, if you have this System UI Turner application turned on on your phone, you will be able to take advantage of the following alterations:

It gives you the ability to check the functioning of the display by allowing you to change the colour to black, green, blue, or red. You are also able to recognise various faults, such as broken pixels, pixels that are frozen, dark patches, and colours that are not normal.
Access to other capabilities such as visuals depicting reading, gyroscope, compass, and accelerator is available to you.
It gives you the ability to choose and get raw data from the sensor on your smartphone, as well as read variances in the reading.
It also enables you to do a touch test, during which you may evaluate the responsiveness of the touch sensor on your phone.
You may also test to see whether the capacitive keys are functioning properly. In addition, you may test the functionality of the earpiece and speaker by playing loud electronic dance music.

How Can You Access the Hidden Menu on Your Phone to Unlock the System UI Turner?

Unlocking or enabling the iothiddenmenu app on your phone is necessary in order for you to get access to the hidden menu on your smartphone and make changes to it. However, keep in mind that not all phones will have this secret menu open to them.

This indicates that the procedure may only be used on Android devices that already have the menu installed. If the menu is not present on your phone, you will need to activate it in the manner that is outlined in the next section.

Follow these instructions on how to unlock the System UI Turner on your phone:

Unlocking your phone and swiping down on the notification bar in order to reach the device settings is the first thing you need to do.
You may bypass the need to look for the shortcut by going straight to Settings if it is not there on your notification bar.
Launch the System UI Turner by selecting OK or Got It from the drop-down menu.
When you are finished, you will be able to personalise your phone and see the remaining battery life on the screen. You can even customise your volume button so that it acts as a Do Not Disturb button with the help of this function (DND).
You will hear a buzz that alerts you that System UI Turner has been successfully installed on your phone if you do all of the steps in the correct order and follow the prompts that are given on the screen.

Where can I find the iothiddenmenu app on my Android device?

You will be able to use this approach to install the menu on your phone if the settings for the hidden menu are not deactivated in the settings, but the user still has access to the menu. Nevertheless, you should do a preliminary check to see whether or not the following settings have been disabled:

  • You may find iothiddenmenu or System UI Turner by going to the Settings menu on your phone and searching for any of those terms.
  • If it is available, you may access it by clicking the three dots that are located in the upper right corner.
  • Select the option to Remove Settings.
  • If the procedure does not address the issue, try the following more involved method:

Return to the Home Screen if you are using a specialised launcher for your screen, such as Launcher3 or ADW Launcher.

  • Press and hold on a blank spot.
  • Simply pick Shortcuts from the menu that appears when you tap the Add to Home Screen button.
  • Pick Your Activity, and then Activities, may be found by selecting it from the custom Shortcuts menu.
  • When you choose Activities from the menu that appears, a blank screen will display. You’ll find the Hidden Menu if you scroll below. The name changes from device to device, and on certain devices it is shown as
  • When you choose the Hidden Menu button, a number of various configuration options will become visible on the screen. From the secret settings, you have complete freedom to do anything you like.
  • The second approach
  • Entering a set of unique codes on the dialer of your phone, which are referred to as MMI Codes, is another way to access the hidden menu on your phone. In addition, these codes change from one phone to the next. Nonetheless, in order to verify the condition of your phone, the following are some typical codes you might use:

Secand Method

  • You may check the status of the battery by dialling #0228#. You are able to unlock the PUK Code by dialling 05#. It is recommended that you only use it on the emergence dial.
  • The checksum for the NAND’s serial number is *#03#.
  • The status of data use is inspected by the number *#3282727336#.
  • In the Diagnostic configuration, entering *#9090# will assist you.
  • *##4636##* checks a variety of information about the phone, including data, the battery, and more.
  • In order to locate a misplaced Android phone, dialling *#06# checks the IMEI number of the device.
  • You may reset your phone by dialling *#7780#. (FRP).
  • You may leave the hidden menu on your phone by simply double-tapping the back button after you are through making adjustments to your device. Even after putting these adjustments into effect, you won’t have any problems using your device as you usually would since there won’t be any. Additionally, you still have the option to investigate potential new capabilities that may become available in the future to modify the appearance of your phone.

The Crux of the Matter

Iothiddenmenu is a function that has been accessible on Android-based smartphones for a considerable amount of time. Even while there is no separate iothiddenmenu app shown on the majority of devices, it is still possible to access the menu in a straightforward manner by inputting certain key combinations inside the dialer.

You may also activate the hidden menu settings on your phone to get access to a variety of the phone’s functions, such as the accelerometer, proximity sensor, barometer, and camera. This can be done by going to Settings > General > Hidden Menu. Because of this, the IoT hidden menu will make it possible for you to modify the User Interface of your smartphone, therefore improving your overall experience with the device.

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