Black Flame Elden Ring: Where to Get Black Flame In Elden Ring?

Black Flame Elden Ring: In Elden Ring, Black Flame is an Incantation. The Black Flame spell throws a black flame fireball that can be charged to do more damage and explode when it hits. When it hits a target, it also does damage over time. Patch 1.07 has been added.

Black Flame Elden Ring

Where to Get Black Flame In Elden Ring?

You can get the Black Flame by finding the Godskin Prayerbook behind an Imp-locked door in the Stormveil Castle wine cellar and giving it to any incantation teacher in the Lands Between, either Brother Corhyn or Miriel. The price will then be 6,000 Runes.

To find the Incantation, you must:

  • Go to Stormveil Castle’s Rampart Tower Site of Grace.
  • Head northeast out of the room and jump down onto the roof ahead of you.
  • Hop down to the lower platform and jump one more time to the ground. There will be a door under the building you were standing on at the ground level.
  • Follow the stairs down to the end of the hall, where you’ll find an Imp Statue that needs a Stonesword Key to open.
  • To get in, you’ll need a Stonesword Key. Once inside, you’ll find some wolves.
  • Fight off the wolves and open the two chests inside. One will have the Godslayer’s Seal, and the other will have the Godskin Prayerbook.

You’ve done 99% of the work, so congrats! All that’s left is to take the book to a vendor who sells Incantations. You can find one with the name Miriel, Pastor of Vows, at the Church of Vows. He looks like a huge turtle with a crown on its head, so it’s hard to miss him. You can now buy the Black Flame Incantation and the Black Flame Blade Incantation after you give him the book.

Black Flame Elden Ring: Stats and effects

This is the basic spell that makes a ball of Black Flame and throws it at an enemy. When the ball hits an enemy, it does fire damage and gives them the Black flame effect, which hurts them for 2-5% of their total HP over the next 2 seconds. Faith can change how much damage is done at first, but the percentage-based damage over time stays the same. You can also charge the ball to do more damage and make it explode when it hits for a more area-of-effect attack.

Requirements20 Faith
Memory SlotsUsed: 1
Cost18 FP, 25 Stamina

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