Dragalia Lost Tier List: Full Details

Dragalia Lost tier list: Dragalia Lost is an aesthetically pleasing action role-playing game featuring gacha mechanics, interesting characters, and dragons that are both powerful and endearingly cute.

The number of playable characters is large as is typical of gacha games. To assist you in making this important choice, we have compiled a Dragalia Lost character tier list for your reference. If you are just starting off and have been given a few low-level characters you can also find information on how to reroll below

Dragalia Lost Tier List


These are the meta-defining adventurers in the game. These characters are always on meta and are often so powerful that in co-op modes multiples will be run. The adventurers that are placed within this tier are highly recommended picks.

The PrinceGala ElisanneLousieMitsuhideGala Alex
Gala MymGala MasculaGala NotteGala LucaGala Chelle
Gala LeonidasLapisGala RanzalHalloween LaxiGala Zethia
Armored YachiyoSummer IeyasuHumanoid MidgardsormrHildegardeAlberius
Summer MitsuhideTikiGala LeifGala AudricVeronica
Undercover GraceKarinaValentine’s ChelseaGala PrinceSummer Leonidas
Gala LaxiFinniCecileRyszardaJoker
Halloween LowenXainfriedYukata LathnaAmanePatia
Kimono ElisaneNurse AeleenBasileusIlliaHalloween Sylas
Summer AlexJiang ZiyaTemplar HopePeonyGrace
SandalphonDragonyule XainfriedIsaacSummer Verica
Formal NoelleVixel


Adventurers in this tier are just barely below those in the S-Tier but are slightly less favored. They can definitely be used to clear the most difficult content in the game, but sometimes won’t be chosen right away for co-op play. Typically this is a result of their overall damage being marginally off of the best units within the element or having a utility that is not as supportive as those in the tier above.

Yukata CleoSummer CellieraMonaSophie (Persona)Bellina
LeaSummer JuliettaLouiseSummer ChelleLinnea
MikotoHumanoid MercuryKimono LucaCivilian LeifSummer Patia
NobunagaLazrySaigaHumanoid JupiterGala Cleo
Student MaribelleMitsubaKirstySha WujingVania
Incognito NefariaForager CleoTobiasEireneDelphi
Valentine’s HildegardeRicardtSylasGala ZenaCleo
Yuakata CassandraDragonyule LilyNoelleEstelle
EmmaValentine’s Melody
Halloween MymFormal Joachim


These adventurers aren’t the worst out there, their damage and support utility is generally good enough with a bit more investment and skill then Adventurers in the tiers above. Often, there is another Adventurer that simply does their job, but better. You will have a harder time finding a pickup group, but with patience and investment, you can clear end game content with these Adventurers.

SerenaZardinHarleRadiant Xuan ZangDragonyule Victor
NadineCatherineLin YouAlbertRodrigo
VanessaPinonSummer SinoaMordecaiAudric
Gala SarisseYoshitsuneForager MitsubaYukata CurranVice
ChelseaHalloween AkashaSu FangAnnelieCurran
FarisFjormMeeneHunter VanessaLathna
MarthHunter SarisseMaribelleSharenaAlthemia
SinoaLutherWedding ElisanneHalloween ElisanneZena
AoiDragonyule CleoHalloween MelsaChitoseChelle
RenelleElisanneEleonoraDragonyule MaloraOpera Karina
XaniaPippleSummer ArmaneLuca
KuzunohaSharpshooter SarisseWedding Xania


These Adventurers have some serious flaws holding them back, or a meta game that just renders their kit or resistances useless. You could clear the hardest content in the game with them, but either a monstrous investment, a good deal of luck, and some patient public players that are willing to help carry you to clear with that adventurer. They can still pull their weight, but it would be significantly easier just to use another Adventurer.

MelsaSummer RanzalAeleenYachiyoVida
Hunter BerserkerWaikeSummer NorwinWu KongValentine’s Addis
LaxiDragonyule NefariaMelodySummer LucaKleimann
ChromHalloween OdettaMyriamSummer MikotoCassandra
Mega ManValerioJoachimXiao LeiNevin
KarlReneeKu HaiSharpshooter JoeBotan
Child RanzalGauldMusashiOdettaAlex
Xuan ZangEugeneFrancescaRyozenNefaria
Valentine’s EzelithRexHawkRaemondBerserker
MartyPietroPhiliaHalloween EdwardTaro
AurienDragonyule XanderSophieIrfanDurant
ThanielZhu BajieSazanka
Halloween Althemia


Dragalia Lost rank list” should be clearer after reading this. If you want to learn more this should help. If you have any queries or worries about this material please remark below.

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