Is Pyromancy in Elden Ring? A Complete Guide

Is Pyromancy in Elden Ring? Pyromancy was one of the most common types of magic in older Dark Souls games. This kind of magic was all about fire spells, which could do a lot of damage to humanoids and other types of enemies.

In the Souls games, many players used Pyromancy to great effect, but this type of magic isn’t easy to find in FromSoftware’s new game, Elden Ring.

Pyromancy in Elden Ring is very different from how it worked in the games that came before it. The developers made the Arcane Attribute, which is mostly about fire but doesn’t always count as Pyromancy magic. Instead, these kinds of spells are mostly linked to the Faith Attribute, which some players find confusing.

Is Pyromancy in Elden Ring?

Is Pyromancy in Elden Ring?

Most of the Faith Attribute has to do with Incantations, which are just another type of magic spell in Elden Ring. When the game starts, players who choose a Faith-based character, like the Prophet, will see right away that Pyromancy spells are available. Those who choose the Prophet will also get a Pyromancy spell called “Catch Fire” to start the game. This spell is a close-range attack that deals fire damage to an enemy that is close enough when players cast the spell.

Elden Ring also has other pyromantic spells, such as Flame Sling. Most of the Pyromancy spells in Elden Ring don’t have high Faith requirements, so most characters who want to build up their Faith can use them.

Players need a Sacred Seal to use most Pyromancy Incantations. If a player wants to use an Incantation that is currently in their Memory Slots, they must equip a Seal. There are a few different Seals in Elden Ring, and each one makes a certain type of Incantation work better. Think of the Sacred Seal as the Pyromancy Glove from the previous Souls games.

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Players will have to learn Pyromancy Incantations once they have a Sacred Seal. On the Elden Ring map, you can find or buy these from different places. Players can put items like the Flame-Shrouding Freeed Tear in their Flask of Wondrous Physick to help their fire spells work better. This tear gives fire attacks a temporary boost, which doesn’t end with Incantations. There are also fire staffs and melee weapons in Elden Ring that aren’t directly related to Pyromancy but can help fill out an all-fire build.


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