Ark metal foundation: Construction, Remarks and More

Ark metal foundation: Construction, Remarks and More: The fourth foundation you can open is the Metal Foundation. Any kind of house or storage building needs to be built on a foundation.

Ark metal foundation Construction

A Metal Foundation can be put down on ground that is level or just a little bit uneven. Once the first Metal Foundation is in place, other Metal Foundations can snap into place along it, allowing them to line up, as long as there is enough room and ground to do so.

Ark metal foundation

A foundation gives walls, ceilings, and other such things the structural support they need to be put up, but only when the foundation is directly under them. It can also hold up to two ceilings in any direction along the x- and y-axes and one ceiling in any direction along the diagonal. But walls can’t be built on the ceilings at the far end.

Metal Triangle Foundation Constructions Visit Here


  • If a building’s foundation is destroyed, any parts that depend on it for support will also be destroyed. If you chose to demolish it, you won’t get any resources back for these extra building pieces.
  • The Ark Mobile foundation lets you build 10 walls high.
  • The Metal Foundation is treated like a metal structure and can only be destroyed by explosives, the Tek Rifle, Tek Saddles, a Titanosaur, an Arthropluera, a Corrupted Creature, an Enraged Creature, a Titan, a Boss, or the DodoRex.

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