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Metal Hellsinger: Is it Available on Game Pass?


Metal Hellsinger is here, but as with all new releases, a question remains. Is the game on Game Pass or do we need to pay? Metal Hellsinger is on Game Pass?

Game Pass Xbox: Metal Hellsinger

We can confirm that the game is accessible on Xbox Game Pass. Metal Hellsinger may be played on Xbox Series S or Series X for free with a Game Pass membership.


Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for Game Pass customers who haven’t updated to new consoles. Metal Hellsinger isn’t available on the Xbox One line of systems. The game is only accessible on PC and current-generation platforms.

Metal Hellsinger

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Game Pass for Metal Hellsinger for Pc

Metal Hellsinger is playable on PC, as was previously reported. The demo and buy options are both accessible on Steam. Thankfully, the game is also accessible via the Xbox app here for PC Game Pass customers.


Open the Xbox app, locate the game icon on the home screen, select it, and then click the download option to access the game. You will soon be using a mouse and keyboard to defeat swarms of demons while listening to a brutal metal soundtrack, just like the devil intended. or one of the two, John Romero.

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