Terraria Solar Tablet: System Requirements, Uses and More

Terraria Solar Tablet: A Solar Tablet is a consumable item for Hardmode that is used to call a Solar Eclipse. It can only be used during the day, so the eclipse starts right away, no matter what time it is. Only the current day is affected by the eclipse.

In the Jungle Temple, you can find Solar Tablets in Lihzahrd Chests. Lihzahrds and Flying Snakes may also drop a Solar Tablet Fragment, which can be used to make a Solar Tablet.

Terraria Solar Tablet

Terraria Solar Tablet: Uses

This achievement is given at the end of any Solar Eclipse, no matter how many enemies were killed during it. A Solar Tablet can be used to start a Solar Eclipse just before sunset, when it would end on its own. This lets the player get the achievement without having to go through the event.

Even though the item itself isn’t worth any money, the Solar Eclipse it causes could bring in a lot of Platinum Coins.

Solar Tablet (Terraria): System Requirements

Steam or GOGSteam
Single Player/MultiplayerMulti
Operating SystemWindows 10
Terraria Version1.4.4.1
Controls UsedKeyboard/Mouse


The Solar Tablet and Solar Tablet Fragments may be available before Hardmode. Temple enemies may sometimes spawn outside the temple and drop fragments, and there are many ways to get into the temple before beating Plantera. Keep in mind that you can’t make the tablet without a Hardmode Anvil, and it won’t work until the whole world is in Hardmode.

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