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Dewbauchee Exemplar Appears In Grand Theft Auto 5

The Coupe Vehicle Dewbauchee Exemplar appears in Grand Theft Auto 5. Although it has four doors, the Dewbauchee Exemplar is classified as a coupe. This could mean that it is either a four-door coupe or a fastback sedan. The Rapid GT served as the inspiration for this vehicle, which is a four-door hatchback. The smaller and lower-mounted exhausts are one key distinction. The Dewbauchee Exemplar takes some styling ideas from real-world cars like the Aston Martin Rapide and the Ferrari California, as well as the Mercedes CLS-Class.

Dewbauchee Exemplar

Dewbauchee Exemplar Features

The Exemplar has a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration, and it has practically exceptional top speed and traction, with a bit of a lag in acceleration. Even the brakes are a mixed bag of quality. Because of its small weight and well-balanced design, you may take sharp turns at high speeds without worrying about losing control.

Compared to the Jackal, the Oracle, and the Felon, the Dewbauchee Exemplar has the best handling of any 4-door sedan in the game. Indeed, it is a very pricey automobile. Spend $205,000 on it. Turbo is one of the supplementary mods for DewbaucheeExemplar.

GTA 5 Price:$205 K
Top Speed:293 km/h
Additional Mods:Turbo
Copy of Real life vehicle:Aston Martin Rapide

Dewbauchee exemplar spawn location online

  • During Abandonment Issues, this car will appear in front of the house south of Dr. Friedlander’s office.
  • People often see this car driving around Vespucci Beach.
  • The Dewbauchee Exemplar was found in the Northern Rockford Hills near Michael’s safe house and in areas near this point (Richman, Vinewood Hills, Vinewood).

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