Terraria Dye Trader: New NPCs Added In Version 1.2


Terraria: Dye Trader: The Dye Trader is a non-playable character in Terraria. He offers you dye-related things, such as the Dye Vat, which is used to make paint and dyes. Information about the dye trader and the goods he sells are outlined below.

One of the eight new NPCs added in version 1.2 is the Dye Trader. The Dye Trader will appear if the player has a Strange Plant in their inventory and there is a home available. It is no longer possible to get the Dye Trader if a player has the Yellow Marigold in their inventory. This was only possible in version 1.2.

Terraria Dye Trader

Needed Conditions for the Terraria Dye Trader

Once the player has a dye, dye ingredient, or Strange Plant in their inventory and at least four other town NPCs are present, the Dye Trader will relocate into the unoccupied house.

Can you tell me about the items that Terraria’s Dye Trader shows?

The Dye Trader sells dye-related items like the Dye Vat, Silver Dye, Team Dye, Dye Trader Robe, Dye Trader’s Turban, Shadow Dye, Negative Dye, Brown Dye, Fogbound Dye, Bloodbath Dye, and Any Pylon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dye Trader terraria gender?

The Dye Trader is male.

How do you call on the Dye Trader?

If the player owns a dye, dye component, or Strange Plant and at least four other town NPCs are present, the Dye Trader will move in.

Who is the Dye Trader’s favorite person?

The Dye Trader likes the Princess, the Arms Dealer, and the Painter.

Why is the Dye Trader not spawning?

To re-spawn the Dye Trader, you must have a dye, dye component, or Strange Plant in your inventory, just as you would if he had not spawned or died. To complete your world entry, you’ll also need four extra NPCs from the nearby town and a vacant house.


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