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Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List 2023


Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List: As you move through the ranks in Vampire Survivors, you’ll unlock new weaponry. It’s obvious that some of the game’s weaponry are superior to others. Using the greatest weaponry in Vampire Survivors is essential if you want to live as long as possible and gain access to hidden characters such Avatar Infernas.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List

Vampire Survivors Weapon Best Tier List

Some weapons are available right away, while others are unlocked over time, but they all serve different purposes. We have ranked every weapon in Vampire Survivors from best to worst.

La BorraS Tier
Unholy VespersS Tier
King BibleS Tier
HellfireS Tier
Cherry BombS Tier
Santa WaterS Tier
Holy WandS Tier
Magic WandA Tier
Thousand EdgeA Tier
KnifeA Tier
Death SpiralA Tier
AxeA Tier
MannajjaA Tier
Heaven SwordA Tier
CrossA Tier
Fire WandA Tier
Song of ManaA Tier
CarrélloA Tier
Bloody TearA Tier
Thunder LoopB Tier
WhipB Tier
RunetracerB Tier
Lightning RingB Tier
Clock LancetB Tier
Gorgeous MoonB Tier
PentagramC Tier
Gatti AmariC Tier
BoneC Tier
Soul EaterD Tier
GarlicD Tier

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