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Dead by Daylight Announces Release Date for Project W

Dead by Daylight creators, Behaviour Interactive, have announced the release date for the next downloadable content chapter, which will be titled Resident Evil: Project W.

Dead by Daylight is noted for its horror crossovers with Hellraiser, Halloween, and Resident Evil. Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis appeared in Dead by Daylight in June 2021. The DLC bundle included a map of Raccoon City and Chris and Claire Redfield cosmetics.

Over a year later, fans have learnt more about the next chapter as the DLC enters Public Test Beta. Behaviour Interactive has revealed Resident Evil: Project W, starring Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker. Behaviour has revealed a DLC release date, which may be sooner than expected. According to the official Dead by Daylight Twitter account, Resident Evil: Project W will be released on October 30. The latest DLC costs $11.99.

Dead by Daylight Project W Storyline

Dead by Daylight

Following the PC Public Test Beta, players have seen how fearsome Albert Wesker, known as The Mastermind, can be in gameplay. Able to grapple Survivors with his Uroboros Tentacles and slam them against objects or send them flying, The Mastermind uses similar gameplay mechanics as last year’s Nemesis and the deadly Nurse Killers.
Rebecca and Ada offer a fresh approach to Survivor gameplay, with Ada’s stealth and self-preservation advantages and Rebecca’s medical and generator repair perks. Bloodweb’s bonuses will be unlocked upon purchase.

Dead by Daylight: This DLC also modifies the Raccoon City Police Station layout, which Killers and Survivors have called excessively huge and convoluted. The latest update will separate the East and West Wings, giving Survivors greater escape routes while making generator patrols simpler for Killers.

A developer update details map and DLC updates since PTB. Behaviour has altered The Mastermind’s hitboxes to reduce collisions with corners and tiny objects. The number of pallets in the new RPD maps was also decreased.

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