How to Find Best subnautica bioreactor Stream Games

Are you seeking details on the most efficient Bioreactor fuel in Subnautica? If this is the case and you’ve been playing the game for a while, you understand that a fully-powered base is vital for survival. Without power, you’ll not be able to charge your batteries or recharge your oxygen levels when you enter your underwater environment. These aspects are vital during the beginning of the sport.

Although it’s not the most reliable source of power within Subnautica (that title is ascribed to nuclear power), it is much more reliable than solar panel systems, which naturally only function during the day.  Bioreactors let you construct a home farther away from the earth, and its fragments are readily available. But, you’ll have a difficult time keeping your space functioning if you do not use the correct power source.

subnautica bioreactor

We’ll teach you all you should be aware of the Bioreactor located within Subnautica and the most reliable energy sources that can be used in conjunction with Subnautica’s Bioreactor. Let’s get started!

The location of bioreactor fragments is in Subnautica

Before that we’ll explain how to construct an eco-system that will support your home in Subnautica. If you already own one in place, bypass this part and head to the Bioreactor’s power sources.

To build the Bioreactor, you’ll need to look through fragments (2) to find an outline for it. The good thing is that they’re pretty quick to find. One excellent place to search for bioreactor pieces in Subnautica can be located in an area known as”the ” Grassy Plateau,” which is situated about a hundred or so meters to the west in your life. It’s a sand biome characterized by massive stone pillars and the red blades of grass that cover all of the seafloors. Keep an eye out at Sand Sharks!

After you’ve gathered your fragments of rock, you’ll require the following items:

How to Find Best subnautica bioreactor Stream Games
  • 3x Titanium Ores
  • Wiring Kit
  • Lubricant

Once you’ve collected all the necessary materials, then you can put together the Bioreactor in your habitat with a habitat builder. If you’re wondering where to put a bioreactor into Subnautica, it is crucial to remember that it is only placed in a multipurpose space (right between the two).

Best Bioreactor energy sources

In this stage, you should have a bioreactor running your environment. As the name implies, it transforms organic matter into energy to power the base of your operations. But, the amount of power it generates is dependent on the organic matter you place inside it to serve to fuel it. It is painful when you return to your home to replenish your supply, only to discover that everything is shut down because the Bioreactor located in Subnautica isn’t working.

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Simply put, what you place into the Bioreactor will determine the outcome. It turns out that the most effective source of energy for bioreactors within Subnautica is all the fishes, and the most effective one is”the Oculus.

How to Find Best subnautica bioreactor Stream Games

An Oculus Fish in an Aquarium

In the image above, as you can see above, the Oculus appears a bit similar to the standard Peeper fish, but it is more extensive and sports large bioluminescent eyes. If it is placed inside the Bioreactor, it can produce 10,080 units of energy for each weight (per fish) which is the most powerful on the market. However, the fish aren’t easy to find as they’re found only within the Jellyshroom cave, the cave biome filled with substantial predatory snakes called the Crabsnake. These animals are very aggressive and can be seen attacking anyone in their sight.

The Jellyshroom Caves

Another issue is the extent of the biome (up to 300 meters) which quickly depletes your oxygen levels, especially if you’re not equipped with a Rebreather. Even if you do, you’ll only have just a few seconds to explore the biome, and then you’ll need to return to the surface to replenish your oxygen levels. In this regard, it is suggested that you examine the biome using the aid of an enhanced Seamoth(at minimum MK1 depth module) and an oxygen tank with a high capacity. A first-aid kit, water and food won’t be a bad idea either.

If you’re not able to gain access to the multipurpose room at present, you’ll be interested to learn this: it is available. Jellyshroom cave is also among the only places to obtain plans for the room. You can find an abandoned structure or habitat within the cave.

When you’ve made enough progress into the game, You’ll be able to construct an alien containment system. It’s a huge aquarium that you can build within the habitat. Additionally, you can utilize the unit to reproduce Oculus fish in the security in your home base.

Alternative sources of energy for your Bioreactor

Are you struggling to find Oculus fish for your Bioreactor? Going into the Jellyshroom cave may indeed be difficult, particularly in the initial phases of the process. A better option is to use either Reginald or a Spadefish. Both are plentiful and accessible (there are plenty on the Plateaus of Grassy).

If you’re curious about what they look like, here’s what the fish look like:

A Reginald Fish in an Aquarium

A Spadefish within an aquarium

If it is placed in the Bioreactor If it is placed inside the Bioreactor, the Reginald fish can produce 7840 units per charge, and its Spadefish creates 6720 units of energy per load. This means they are the 2nd and 3rd top fuel sources you can make use of in your Bioreactor. Furthermore, there’s no chance of pursuing these fish as they’re pretty standard and are pretty near the surface.


That’s it all you should be aware of about the Bioreactor located in Subnautica and the most efficient fuel sources to fuel it. Some be hesitant about putting fish in the Bioreactor. However, it’s no more complicated than cooking the fish in a fabricator.

Subnautica is a survival-based adventure game it is a survival game, so you must make the most of every resource you have. If nothing else, having the correct energy source for the Bioreactor is going to aid you in progressing through the game more quickly.

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