Skyrim: solve geirmund’s hall puzzle 2022

Skyrim: solve geirmund’s hall puzzle 2022 :- The Forbidden Legends quest and then defeating Gauldur’s sons isn’t an easy task . Here’s how to complete the Geirmund’s Hall puzzle and complete the quest.

Skyrim: solve geirmund's hall puzzle 2021

One of the most enjoyable things to be had in The Elder Scrolls V. Skyrim is finding a clue that takes you on an epic journey you had no idea to be embarking on. A lot of the quests that are not compulsory in Skyrim found through talking to NPCs or visiting places that not normally seen, and even finding certain items hidden throughout the world.

The quests usually begin with simple investigations or tasks but quickly develop into massive subplots which, had you not made this detour. you could be unaware of altogether. The missable aspect missions make up a large aspect of the fun of Skyrim and create a unique experience for players. They allow them to experience the thrill of the arena. They usually tell a fascinating story of smaller characters, introduce players to previously unexplored elements, tough and brave enemies and give you unique rewards for your effort. Skyrim’s special quests Skyrim provides the player with three of these.

One of these questlines in Skyrim is called “Forbidden Legend” and based on an object with incredible power, a story of characters who have been long gone and completely forgotten, and an assortment of puzzles and battles that created a lasting impression on players for more than ten years. This guide will cover how to complete this “Forbidden Legend” quest, the story information about the hunt,, and the notoriously difficult Geirmund’s hall Puzzle.

How do you begin The Forbidden Legend Quest?

To start “Forbidden Legend,” it is necessary to discover and go through Lost Legend. That can find it in many ways. There are more than 20 locations to buy. Find the book across the globe of Skyrim, and many players will come across the book in their quests. If you’re not able to find the book, an ideal location to buy it is at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, as it has the book placed on a table with candles in the area where Astrid usually located.

It is worth noting that finding any amulet fragment can even initiate the quest. However, if you want to follow the rules in the most natural and authentic method, then finding a Lost Legend e-book is step one.

The book tells the Legend of Archmage Guldur, the clever and efficient wizard who lived during the beginning of the technological revolution. Guldur became known as fair and just and adored by humans who lived in his time. The three sons of Gauldur resented his strength and wanted it until they came up with the plan to remove the power away from Guldur. They were aware that That transformed the energy source into his magical amulet. The three sons took out Gauldur and split the charm into three equal parts.

They quickly started violent violence in the U . S . A. The saga was gaining the notice of King Harald, which sent Lord Geirmund, King Harald’s private warrior, and an army of his top-of-the-line soldiers to fend off the gang. One by one, they were hunted down, killed, and buried in tombs scattered throughout the rest of time in front of each amulet piece. The king directed that their demise kept secret, and the story of Gauldur’s crimes erased from the record. The amulets are available, just waiting for an adventurer who is brave enough to bring them back and take their power to them.

How to Complete Forbidden Legend Q quest Forbidden Legend Quest

Folgunthur In Folgunthur, you’ll find an account in a tiny camp that describes three adventurers who traveled together in search of the amulet fragments. These will take you to three of Gauldur’s sons’ tombs where the amulet’s pieces located. Travel through the tomb, stay clear of traps, and kill the creatures inside until you find The Ivory Dragon Claw and Danys Velen’s notes.

Make use of your Ivory Dragon Claw to open the gate and move the bridge in the grave. You’ll come across the lever puzzle. If you’re looking through your gate sequence, you pull the levers into is 4 3-1-2-three.3-1-2-three. That will open the gate, and you can descend into the tomb and investigate the Claw to find the answer to the following mystery, Hawk-Whale Snake. You can then enter the final chamber and fight Mikrul Gauldurson, the weakest of the three brothers. Besiege him, and you will collect the first amulet fragment.

The second fragment can located in Saarthal in the same way when you complete your “Under Saarthal” quest. This quest can obtained when you join the College of Winterhold and completing the short “First Lessons” prerequisite quest. Begin by following Tolfdir to the website, and then take on Jyrik Gauldurson to obtain the second amulet piece.

There’s just one fragment left. To find it, you’ll need to visit Geirmund’s Hall, an ancient tomb located near Ivarstead in which Geirmund. The hero Geirmund committed his life to fight those who were evil. Defend the world from the curse of Gauldur’s amulet.

How to Find the Geirmund’s Hall Puzzle

Geirmund’s Hall is yet another cave filled with traps, draugr along with frostbite spiders. Begin by falling into the pit on the ground close to the east-facing wall. Begin to swim toward the ramp and walk through the iron gate through which you’ll need to overcome two frostbite spiders. In the end, you’ll find an escalator that will lead to a room with another puzzle on a stone tablet.

Contrary to the previous puzzle, those engravings that are on the claws aren’t the answer. The answer is mirror images of the arrangement you were looking at earlier. Instead, go back through the tomb for pictures of animals that depicted on every stone. To open the gate, spin the rocks until they show Hawk-Whale-Snake-Whale, and the door will open.

You must fight your way to the final tomb, and you’ll be able to take on Sigdis Gauldurson, who is the most powerful among the trio of brothers. The key to beating his strength is to notice that Sigdis has a precise health bar. While the clones will show full health. This is the most effective method to distinguish them.


Take on Sigdis’s fragment of his body, then travel through Reachwater Rock to reassemble the amulet. You’ll need to take on all three brothers a third time before you can complete the charm and get your reward, the Gauldur Amulet; +30 Health, Magicka, and Stamina.

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