The forest cave locations: Get All Cave Locations in the Forest

Forest Cave Locations: Navigating a forest can be treacherous, making survival no easy feat. When entering an unknown place, players must quickly locate shelter, water and food in order to remain alive – an uphill struggle indeed! Plus there’s the added threat of mutants or cannibals lurking underground that could easily kidnap and kill players!

In The Forest, things get steadily harder over the course of several hours, unlike most survival games. Cannibals become smarter, deadlier and more fearsome as players spend more time in the forest. At first players must travel to certain places in order to collect what they need in order to fend off potential attacks from cannibals.

The forest cave locations:

All the forest cave locations are as follows:

The dead Cave

Cave 1 has an easy route to Cave 3, as well as rope connections with Cave 3 and 9. Additionally, its entrances lie southeast of Sinkhole (in the center of the map). Cannibals reside nearby in their village south of this cave. Lastly, when entering it one should head left for maximum success in finding its Katana.

The forest cave locations

Baby Cave

In this small cave, you’ll find a Spider Lady (Virginia) and many Mutant Babies (Cave 4: Baby Cave). The entrance to this area may be found to the west of Lakeside Village. Cassette Tape 2 and other crafting supplies can be obtained in Cave 4.

The forest cave locations

The Submerged Cave

Due to Cave 5 submerged location, the Rebreather is required to explore it. There are two ways to enter the game, one under Geese Lake and the other near the Sacred Tree, which players can discover (located on the southern portion of the island). The Rebreather, Flashlight, and Toy Left Leg are all in the first half of Cave 5. You’ll need the Rebreather to get into the second region (from the first part of Cave 5).

The forest cave locations

The Lawyer’s Cave

Cave 6 is so expansive that Explosives and the Rebreather are required for exploring it properly. Divided in two, it converges with Cave 10 to form Cave 5. Nevertheless, be wary as Cave 6 could harbor cannibals, newborn babies or mutants that need your protection; so take your time exploring carefully; the cave contains lots of loot including your Keycard!

The forest cave locations

The first entrance can be found to the north of Geese Lake only a short distance away. Climbing down a rope gives access to this standard entrance; an alternate way would be walking north from Geese Lake where there is a trailhead; finally, the third entrance can be found near shipping containers on top of a hillside.

Chasm Cave (North), Sinkhole Cave (South)

Due to its vastness and the amount of opponents Cave 7 may be the most difficult. Passing over the northern land bridge will bring you to a pedestrian entrance. To properly explore this cave you will need the Rebreather (located in Cave 5) but it’s well worth the effort. You’ll also find the Modern Bow, a flashlight, and other helpful stuff in addition to the toys.

The forest cave locations


If you’re looking for something to do here, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The forest cave locations

The Waterfall Cave

Cave 10 can be found just west of the Sinkhole located in middle of map and contains many treasures such as.

The forest cave locations

In addition there is an orange “save tent” inside the cave. Providing a safe environment for players to explore the cave.

  • A variety of supplies snacks, soda etc are available.
  • The containers of flares.

Hell Cave

At the bottom of the Sinkhole, a cave known as Cave HC may only be accessed with a Rebreather. It’s a big map with a lot of opponents to keep you busy, like a Blue Armsy and a swarm of cannibals. The Camcorder Tape 5, the Explosives, and other important goods can be found in Cave HC.

The forest cave locations

Artifact Cave

If you turn off the Power Obelisk an elevator will bring you here; once here however there is no return.

The forest cave locations

Shipwreck Cave

Shipwreck Cavern (Cave 11) The cave may be found west of the Yacht in the southwest corner of the map. The cave is only accessible by swimming into the shipwreck and making your way to the hull’s cave entrance. Little Cave 11 is devoid of danger. Keep in mind that the Rebreather is required to enter Shipwreck Cave.

The forest cave locations

Kanji Cave

A small cave with no adversaries is located near the cargo containers in Cave 12.

The forest cave locations

Coaster Cave

There is a submerged cave 13 off the coast in the southeast. To get to the door you’ll need to use your Rebreather. This cave is located near three small islands, which you’ve certainly seen numerous times while running about. It is safe in this cave because there are no other creatures to fear (luckily).

The forest cave locations: Get All Cave Locations in the Forest

Sahara Cave

The Research Lab and the Observatory Elevator are wedged between Sahara Cave and the cave. The Research Lab provides access to it. Rebreather is required to get there.

The forest cave locations: Get All Cave Locations in the Forest

Wet cave

With just one Spider Lady and several Mutant Babies, Cave 4: Baby Cave is an easy-to-navigate cave with only a few adversaries. The entrance to this area may be found to the west of Lakeside Village. Cassette Tape 2 and other crafting supplies can be obtained in Cave 4.

The forest cave locations: Get All Cave Locations in the Forest

Ledge Cave

Cave 9 can be entered through four distinct entrances; two of these openings can only be accessed from underneath; while a third one lies between the Sinkhole (center of map) and Big Lake – near an obvious white tent – where another entrance awaits with use of Climbing Axe; fourthly there’s two white tents lying nearby that house an entry way; here axe must also be found for entering through pair of tents situated a hillside near Big Lake that require climbing to access.

The forest cave locations: Get All Cave Locations in the Forest


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