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Black Pearls Ark: Top Spawn Locations in ARK Fjordur?

Black Pearls Ark: Top Spawn Locations in ARK Fjordur? If you’re playing the latest ARK Survival Evolved map, Fjordur, you’ve probably already spent some time on the other maps in the game, and if you’ve done that, you know full well that Black Pearls are elusive in each and every one.

Black Pearls Ark

For obvious reasons, Black Pearls are not as common as other resources, making it difficult to come across them. Black Pearls can be found in the Fjordur map of ARK: Survival Evolved, just like they can be found in any other map. However, finding Black Pearls in the Fjordur map will require a lot of work, so if you’d rather not put in that kind of time and effort, this article is for you.

Black Pearls Ark

How to find and farm Black Pearls?

Unlike traditional pearls, which can be found in shells on the bottom of bodies of water, black pearls were introduced years ago with patch v238. In ARK: Survival Evolved, they are a valuable commodity that can only be efficiently looted from dead Eurypterids, Tusoteuthis, and Alpha Mosasaurs. Black Pearls can also be found by otters on rare occasions.

Black Pearls can be quickly amassed through the pursuit of Eurypterids. Practically any domesticated marine mammal could be used, though the Ichthy has some distinct advantages. Even a Eurypterid’s knockback cannot throw it off balance, and the Ichthy is immune to the Eurypterid’s stunning sting.

As a result, you can almost continuously kill underwater scorpions and dismantle their bodies using a metal pickaxe. Although the Ichthy’s health and strength are low, you should still exercise caution around him. In ARK: Survival Evolved, scorpions aren’t the only thing lurking in the ocean’s depths.

You can get black pearls by hunting powerful water beasts that can fight an Alpha Mosasaur or a Tusoteuthis. She has 100 of these delightfully reflective orbs in her inventory. Although this is a potential source of pearls, you should only look into it as a secondary option given that it is not completely safe and that these creatures are much rarer than eurypterids.

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Where to find Black Pearls: Top Spawn Locations in ARK Fjordur?

1) 30.8, 08.1

Black Pearls can be found in the ARK Fjordur map’s desert region of Vannaland, specifically in the Lightning Wyvern trench. A cave with a triangular entrance can be found in southern Vannaland at the coordinates (30.8, 08.1). Danger lurks around every corner in the Lightning Wyvern trench.

Many Black Pearl nodes are located at the bottom of the cave’s lake, which requires players to dive below the surface. Several Lightning Wyverns will continually fire at the player from both inside and outside.

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2) 59.7, 50.0

The ocean floor between Vannaland and Vardiland in ARK Fjordur is where this area can be found. For a 50.0 to get to 59.7, they’ll need to go underwater and find some hexagonal pillars.

Black Pearls abound in this region, and some of them even lurk in the weeds of the ocean floor. The waters here are also home to a variety of dangerous marine life, including sharks, so players should exercise caution.

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3) 95.7, 78.9

Maps of ARK Fjordur will identify this area as being on the lava island of Balheimer. You can get the finest black pearls in ARK Fjordur right here. In the vicinity of the coordinates (95.7, 78.9) you’ll find a Wyvern Trench and a magma cave. The area is teeming with hostile monsters like Magmasaurs, Lava Golems, and Fire Wyverns, so players should exercise caution.

As they enter the cave, they’ll see a lava pool that serves as a passageway to the main hall. There are numerous Black Pearls strewn about the main chamber.

4) 14.0, 64.4

The Poison Wyvern trench in Vannaheim is the newest black pearl spawn location in ARK Fjordur. The Poison Wyvern trench can be found at the coordinates (14.0, 64.4). The air is very poisonous, so they should bring a gas mask. Players must eliminate all Poison Wyverns in the area before entering the cave.

Due to the difficulty of eliminating all of the Wyverns, they can be forced to retreat by having the creatures chase them outside. Once inside, players must make their way to the cave’s final waterfall. When they reach the waterfall, they must dive into the lake below to retrieve 20-30 Black Pearl nodes.

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