Pachyrhinosaurus Ark: Taming, Uses, Food, Breeding, and More

Pachyrhinosaurus ark and Mitisaura were first seen in the late Cretaceous period. They ate plants and had shy personalities. The Pachyrhinosaurus looks a lot like the trike, but it is still its own creature. Instead of being a straight-up tank, it is more of a defensive and manipulative creature.

This animal usually wanders around plains and other grassy areas, where it can eat bushes and rest in pastures. Most of the time, these animals don’t care about humans or those who have tamed them. However, if they feel threatened, they will react and may even use their ability to change moods.

Tribes that have tamed the Pachyrhinosaurus use it for defense as well as to tame and attract other animals because it can release pheromones.

Pachyrhinosaurus Ark

Pachyrhinosaurus Ark: Overview

The Pachyrhinosaurus’s ability to agitate wild predators or to disguise itself and its owner makes it useful in a variety of contexts, including taming, hunting, and navigating potentially hazardous locations. During raids, tribesmen have been known to use the animal’s thick skull as protection from turret fire. The Pachyrhinosaurus is useful for herding wild animals to your location or navigating perilous areas full of predators.

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Pachyrhinosaurus Ark: Dossier

When threatened, the Pachyrhinosaurus reacts in a novel way: it releases chemicals into the air that can alter the temperament of the animals nearby, turning them peaceful or hostile.

As long as there are other members of their species in the region, these organisms have a good chance of survival thanks to their defense system and their combined efforts to ward off enemies.

Tribes just starting out can benefit greatly from using these animals as mounts because of their ability to both attract herbivores for easy taming and to hunt while also concealing their presence from predators.

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Pachyrhinosaurus Uses

Travel Mount

The Pachyrhinosaurus is a good travel mount for both newbies and veterans alike due to its ability to reduce enemy aggression and even lure those you need to kill.

Taming Mount

Some survivors may use the Pachyrhinosaurus’s ability to provoke attacks from its foes to their advantage while taming fleeing animals.


When equipped with a sturdy saddle, the Pachyrhinosaurus can do more than just manipulate the actions of its enemies; it can also take a lot of punishment without going down.


The Pachyrhinosaurus is able to keep you safe for long periods of time since it can either push back opponents or make them ignore you for a while.

How to Tame Pachyrhinosaurus In Ark?

The ARK guide to taming the Pachyrhinosaurus: A Pachyrhinosaurus hunt should go something like this: Normal, everyday stuff like grabbing a crossbow or your bow and running away from a Triceratops. You reverse course and fire at him midway through. Its head takes significantly less damage than the rest of its body. The version is feasible given his slow pace; however, you should always maintain a safe distance from him to avoid being caught off guard.

To make things simpler, you can take aim from atop a cliff or a large stone/rock. In this position, the Pachyrhinosaurus has almost no chance of harming you.

He can be tamed by feeding him an bug repellant (recipe provided below) when he is unconscious. When taming, using Narcoberries or Narcotic is recommended to keep the stun value high. The Pachyrhinosaurus is typically easy to tame.

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How to breed Pachyrhinosaurus?

The following steps should be taken to prepare the breeding:

  • In the best case scenario, you’d construct an enclosure large enough to house both sexes of the animal you’re studying. Lock both dinosaurs in their enclosure and tell them to “wander” from the command menu. You can alternatively skip this and go straight to “Pair,” but then you’ll need another player in the immediate area at all times or the pairing will cease due to rendering issues.
  • Pachyrhinosaurs typically mate every 18 to 48 hours.
  • The process of hatching a Pachyrhinosaurus egg begins after a successful mating. In order to do this, the ideal temperature range for an egg is between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius, while the ideal temperature for an egg incubator is 25 degrees Celsius. The little Pachyrhinosaurus hatchling typically emerges after approximately 2.5 hours under normal conditions. After then, you have to give it your full attention for another 4.5 hours as you keep adding berries, vegetables, etc. (as mentioned above) to its stockpile. You may get the most out of your infant by paying attention to the embossing intervals, which occur every 8 hours.
  • Once it is old enough, it can fend for itself and eat from troughs. In total, the ripening process takes around a day and a half and a half.

ARK: Survival Evolved: What to Feed a Pachyrhinosaurus?

If you’ve managed to tame a Pachyrhinosaurus, you’ll want to know what kind of food it thrives on. The fact that pachyrhinosaurs are herbivores simplifies their diet considerably.

  • Bug Repellent:
  • Vegetables
  • Berry
  • Fresh Barley
  • Soybeans
  • Fresh Wheat
  • Dried Wheat


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