Ark Baryonyx: Taming, Uses, Food, Breeding, and More

Ark Baryonyx: Taming, Uses, Food, Breeding, and More: In ARK: Survival Evolved, the Baryonyx eats fish, but it will also attack any land creature that it can see. It’s a good mount for you because it can move on land and in water.

In our guide to the Baryonyx, you can learn everything you need to know about the fish-eater. But also how to catch, tame, feed, and have babies with him.

Ark Baryonyx

Ark Baryonyx: Overview

The Baryonyx is not the simplest dinosaur to tame, but once you do, you’ll have a good all-around mount. The Baryonyx has been shown to be effective in battle with its speed and damage output, especially when it is in the water and can execute its tail spin attack.

Although these can be more challenging to tame, the payoffs are more diverse because the Baryonyx can be used in both aquatic and terrestrial settings.

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Ark Baryonyx: Dossier

When compared to other medium-sized predators, the Baryonyx is roughly the same size, although it is not as powerful as most apex predators or powerful marine creatures, and it can maintain its equilibrium whether it is on land or in the water.

The Baryonyx may look like it would eat anything, but it actually has a preference for fish and other aquatic species, and it seems to recover more quickly after eating these.

Its water hunting prowess means it can efficiently kill and scavenge from marine and swamp-dwelling species.

The Baryonyx is favored by those who frequently travel on both land and sea due to its advantageous combination of speed and power.

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How to tame the Baryonyx in Ark?

There are a number of approaches to taming a Baryonyx and going on a Baryonyx hunt. The simplest method is to bait bear traps around you and lead him right into them. It is also possible to secure the Baryonyx with a chain bola. Hit him with the tranquilizer darts when you’ve pinned him down.

Of course, if you have enough health and speed, you can outrun him and keep firing tranquilizer darts at him. Bringing it under control in this manner isn’t the most prudent course of action, but it does have some success.

The most foolproof plan is to construct a trap for him composed of three archways made of metal or stone dinosaurs. Set up a bear trap or two in the midst of a square enclosure you’ve created with the gates. Leave some breathing room between objectives. You must now install the gates within the arcs. Lock all the doors and windows except the ones leading to safety.

The Baryonyx will come when you call it. You’re the one who entices him to join you. You need a swift mount or lightning-fast feet to make any kind of escape here. If he pursues you, you can escape through the unsecured gates of your fortification without risking being caught in the trap.

The Baryonyx should be shot with tranquilizer darts until he is knocked unconscious, then the two open gates of the bear trap should be closed. The spaces you made in the gates make this a breeze. This may require some time and energy, depending on how advanced the Baryonyx is.

Once you’ve knocked him out, you can tame him by feeding him Fish Meat or kibble from his inventory. Taming times decrease as the quality of the meat increases. It’s recommended that the Narcotic or Narcoberries be used to keep the Baryonyx at bay and the Stun at a maximum.

Ark Baryonyx: Uses

Aquatic Mount

The Baryonyx is fast on land, but it is even faster in the water. This makes it easy for survivors to move through water.

Since players can equip weapons while riding the Baryonyx, they can use this to fire weapons underwater or easily tame such creatures.

Aquatic Adept

Since the Baryonyx is a good hunter in the water, it can do more damage to some creatures that live in the water.


Using the Baryonyx’s tail spin attack can stun, knock enemies off their mounts, and slow them down.

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Ark Baryonyx: Food


Regular Kibble

Other Food

  • Raw Prime Fish Meat
  • Cooked Prime Fish Meat
  • Cooked Fish Meat
  • Raw Fish Meat


Baryonyx Saddle crafting materials:

350 × Fiber
225 × Hide
25 × Metal Ingot

How to breed the Baryonyx in ARK?

The following steps should be taken to prepare the breeding:

  • To house a male and female specimen, you need to construct a cage that is, at the very least, sufficiently spacious. In the command menu, select “wander” for both dinosaurs, then place them in their pen. You can alternatively skip the menu and go straight to “Pair,” but then you’ll need another player in the immediate area or the pairing will cease due to rendering issues.
  • A Baryonyx’s gestation period is between 18 and 48 hours.
  • If you have a Baryonyx egg that has been fertilized through a successful mating, you can start the hatching process. This is achieved when the egg’s surrounding temperature is between 29 and 35 degrees Celsius. The small Baryonyx embryo should hatch in around 2 hours if the default conditions are used. After that, it need your constant monitoring for the next four and a half hours while you keep adding meat to its supply.
  • It is able to fend for itself at troughs after it reaches the juvenile stage. A total of 1 day and 22.5 hours is needed for the ripening process to finish.


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