Ark Moschops: Taming, Uses, Food, Breeding, and More

Ark Moschops: Tame, Uses, Food, Breed and More: The Moschops is a kind and sociable critter that doesn’t seem to mind strangers walking by. These creatures will only attack if they suspect you are going to steal their eggs. If you strike one, it will flee and attempt to hide. Contrary to popular belief, the Moschops is a mammal and not a dinosaur. While it can be found all around the island, it is more prevalent in the southern parts.

Ark Moschops

Ark Moschops: Overview

Even while other Predators frequently target timid Moschops, the latter are usually able to outrun their pursuers. Getting the creature’s taming food can be a hassle, but you can avoid the hassle by catching it before you walk out to acquire it. Moschops are incredibly useful to tribes because of their ability to collect vast quantities of targeted resources, and tribes can even set them on wander to do this for them.

Ark Moschops: Dossier


Moschops is fascinating because of the things that can be taught to it about how it eats because it has been domesticated. Moschops can be trained to nibble on specific things because of its adaptable palate and sturdy teeth, increasing the possibility that its master will be able to obtain the resource he or she seeks. If you train your animal to primarily chew on Prime Meat, you can more easily obtain Prime Meat from the meat it eats. The same applies to uncommon plant materials, and so on.


The wild version of Moschops cibumutante is a sluggish, timid creature that prefers to spend its time amid the island’s enormous redwoods. Its adaptability as an eater and lack of aggressive tendencies have helped it thrive. This creature never goes hungry because it can consume almost any food source. Moschops will bolt at the first sign of danger, but is nevertheless regularly hunted.

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How to tame the Moschops in ARK?

When you get close to a Moschops, it will reveal you the special taming food it needs. If you have the Moschops’ preferred meal in your last item slot, you can easily tame it by approaching it and interacting with it.
Also, if you have a flying creature, you can pick up the Moschops and put it somewhere secure to hold it until you can feed it again.

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Ark Moschops: Uses

Resource Gathering

The Moschops’s farming level is upgradable, so tribes can direct it to prioritize the collection of specific resources in order to increase the total amount of those resources gathered and hence the effectiveness of the tribe’s resource farming.

Moschops: Food


  1. Raw Mutton
  2. Raw Prime Meat
  3. Cooked Prime Meat
  4. Raw Prime Fish Meat
  5. Raw meat
  6. Cooked Lamb Chop
  7. Meat Jerky
  8. Cooked Prime Fish Meat
  9. Cooked Meat
  10. Organic Polymer
  11. Raw Fish Meat
  12. Cooked Fish Meat
  13. Vegetables
  14. Mejo Berries
  15. Berries
  16. Sweet Vegetable Cake
  17. Sap
  18. Leech Blood
  19. Prime Meat Jerky

How to Breed a Moschops?

Keep in mind that the ideal temperature for the egg of one of these species is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius if you intend to breed it. Between two and three days will be needed for the entire breeding process. I think it’s worth it to raise a small number of these creatures so that you can eventually build up a big army and almost never have to gather these materials again.

There have been hints in past dossiers that we may one day have saddles to ride these guys, but unfortunately we are unable to do so at the present time. Though I doubt it would come in particularly handy, having your very own Moschops along for the ride would be a lot of fun. Moschops were herbivores and would have thrived in Earth’s tropical and subtropical rain forests.

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If you read the information above, it will help you understand the “Moschops” much better. Please share your thoughts and questions with us in the box provided. Don’t be shy about asking for assistance if you feel you need it.

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