Ark Brontosaurus: How to Tame a Brontosaurus Survival Evolved?

Ark Brontosaurus and Lazarus were big herbivores that lived in the late Cretaceous period. A Brontosaurus is hard to miss because it is one of the biggest animals on land, and when it walks, the ground shakes. Most of the time, the Brontosaurus just does its own thing and walks around peacefully.

Since it is a big animal, it doesn’t seem to be scared of people and will mostly ignore them when they come close, unless they attack it. When tamed, the Brontosaurus is a heavyweight in many ways. It is a great harvester and can sometimes be used as a moving base.

Ark Brontosaurus

Ark Brontosaurus: Overview

Even though the Brontosaurus is slow, it makes up for it by being able to do many different things and take a lot of damage.

The Brontosaurus is a valuable member of any tribe because it can be used as a base on the move or as a walking siege tower. If you can train one of these creatures, it can help you cover a lot of ground and give your tribes a big advantage in both defence and gathering resources.

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Dossier Summary

Since it is one of the biggest animals on the island, only a few try to harm it. The Brontosaurus, for its part, ignores most animals but will fight back if it is attacked.

Most of the time, the Brontosaurus just goes about its own business, no matter what is going on around it. Because of its size, the brontosaurus has proven to be useful in both peacetime and war. It can hold a lot of things and can be used as a mobile processing platform.

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How to Tame Brontosaurus In Ark Survival Evolved?

  • The Brontosaurus can be stopped with a Large Bear Trap, and then you and your tribe can shoot it with weapons that make it sleepy.
  • You can also tame a Brontosaurus without a Large Bear Trap, but you would need a mount because you will have to shoot it and run away from it over and over again until it is knocked out.
  • Staying high up where the Brontosaurus can’t reach you can be a good way to tame it. When it starts to run, you can chase it.

Ark Brontosaurus: Uses

Mobile Base

It can bring a lot of weapons and supplies to the battlefield and feel pretty safe under the Brontosaurus’s shadow because it has a lot of health and can carry a lot of weight.

A tribe might decide to use the Brontosaurus platform to process resources in different places. This way, the tribe doesn’t have to carry raw materials around, and they can get the most out of the resources by processing them where they are.

Resource Farming

The Brontosaurus can get a lot of berries from bushes and wood and thatch from trees because of its long tail.


Due to its high base health, the Brontosaurus can take more damage than most other creatures. Its long tail also lets it hit enemies in a wide arc, doing damage and knocking them back.

Wall Defender

In PVP, putting your Bronto near your outer walls can be a great way to keep other players away. Put some weight on the bronto and keep it near the walls so it stays where you want it. The only thing that can knock back the Bronto is the Diplodocus, so it is a great first line of defence. (Health Level and Damage from Close Range)

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ARK: Survival Evolved: How to Feed a Brontosaurus

Once you have domesticated a Brontosaurus, you’ll need to learn what kinds of foods it enjoys. Because they are herbivores, brontosaurs have a wider variety of possible diets from which to choose.

Kibble (Carbonemys Egg)

  • Ingredients: 1x Carbonemys Egg, 1x Rockarrot, 1x Prime Meat Jerky, 2x Mejoberries, 3x Fiber, 1x Water
  • Ingredients for Prime Meat Jerky: 1x Cooked Prime Meat, 1x Oil, 3x Sparkpowder
  • Vegetables
  • Fresh barley
  • Soybeans
  • Berries
  • Fresh Wheat
  • Dried Wheat

Exceptional Kibble:

  • Ingredients: 1x Extra Large Egg, 5x Fibers, 10x Mejoberries, 1x Focal Chili, 1x Rare Flower, 1x Water
  • Ingredients for Focal Chili: 9x Cooked Meat, 5x Citronal, 20x Armaberries, 20x Azulberries, 20x Tintoberries, 10x Mejoberries, 1x water

Ark Craft the Brontosaurus Saddle and Platform Saddle

To get the recipe for the Brontosaurus Saddle, you need to be level 63 and have 21 Engram Points. You now need the following materials to make something:

350x Hide
40x Metal ingots
185x Fiber

You can also make the Brontosaurus a platform saddle. You need to be level 82 and have 35 engram points, plus the following items:

325x Fiber
550x Hide
90x Metal ingots
125x Silica Pearls
45 cement paste or Achatina paste


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