The Fish Finder Terraria wiki: How to make Fish Finder Terraria?

The Fish Finder Terraria is an informational item that shows the same information as the Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, which shows the player’s current fishing power; the Weather Radio, which shows the current weather; and the Sextant, which shows the current phase of the moon. All of these items are randomly given to players who complete quests for the Angler NPC.

The Fish Finder

Fish Finder In Terraria

Fish Finder is a cool little thing for Terraria. It’s an item that shows useful information from the Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, which shows the player’s current fishing power, the Sextant, which shows the current phase of the moon, and the Weather Radio, which shows the current weather. Before you can use the Terraria Fish Finder, you need to know where and how to get it.

When playing Terraria, how quickly can one get a Fish Finder?

Streamlining your questing is the most effective method of acquiring the Fish Finder in Terraria. For instance, you can double the amount of quest fish you receive from the Anglet by placing three or four chests at his feet. One fish will suffice to complete the objective, and you should put away three.

In addition, a magical sundial was available for purchase. Without the standard 7-day waiting period, you can jump ahead to the next day. To clarify, that means a weekly quest increase of one.

It’s also possible to join the servers of other players and complete fishing missions for their own Anglet NPC. Our best bit of advise is to be patient, since it may take several tries before you master the Fish Finder Terraria.

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Is there a need for a slot on the FishFinder case?

This new revelation, though, might be unexpected. You see, unlike some other accessories, our trusty Fish Finder Terraria isn’t required to be equipped in the accessory slot. In addition, unless it is equipped to a social slot, the Fish Finder Terraria can remain usable even while in the player’s inventory.

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How to make Fish Finder Terraria?

Making a Fish Finder in Terraria is an easy. Given the data it provides, the Terraria Fish Finder recipe’s components are easy to infer. A Tinkerer’s workshop or similar crafting station, a Fisherman’s Pocket Guide, a Weather Radio, a Sextant, and a sandbox are all that’s required. Okay, that’s all there is to it.

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Pro Tips to Get Fish Finder Fast

  • Turning off autosave on the PC version can be used to make sure you get a certain item without having to play through multiple quests.
  • Turn in the quest, and if the item you want isn’t in the reward, leave the game without saving. This can be done by ending the game programme “from the outside,” instead of using the game’s own “Save and Exit” button.
  • Set up the character with the quest fish in their inventory and the Angler near the spawn point to use this for a fishing quest. Then save and leave the world, come back, and turn autosave off.
  • In current versions, the button to close a window will be greyed out, but you can still end the programme by using the Task Manager or Alt+F4.
  • Now start the circle: Turn in the quest. If you don’t get the item you want, leave Terraria without saving, come back, and turn in the quest fish again.
  • Repeat as many times as it takes to get what you want.
  • If the current quest has a guaranteed reward, like the fifth quest, you can only get multiple copies of that item, not something random. Just save the game when you finish the quest, do the next quest, and try again.


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