Carnotaurus ARK: How to tame the Carnotaurus in ARK?

Carnotaurus In ARK: Survival Evolved, the Carnotaurus, or Carno for short, is a medium-sized carnivore that is very aggressive and often lives in groups. He is a dangerous opponent because of how fast he is.

In our guide to the Carnotaurus, you can learn everything you need to know about the meat-eater. But also how to catch, tame, feed, and have babies with him.

Carnotaurus ARK

Carnotaurus ARK: Survival Evolved


They have a wide aggravation range and will attack everything they see. But it appears that they value other dinosaurs more than human beings. Its headbutt assault causes severe bleeding and can easily send their target over the edge. Three Carnotaurus are often sighted in the winter habitat, pursuing a wild Yutyrannus.

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Carnotaurus was an intermediate-sized theropod that looks like a miniature Tyrannosaurus rex. It does, however, stand out thanks to a few prominent characteristics, including as its stubby arms that make those of a Tyrannosaurus look well-developed and its blunt head with two horns that point forward.

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How to tame the Carnotaurus in ARK?

  • How to hunt a Carnotaurus: Depending on where you find a Carnotaurus, you need to have the right plan to catch it. Even more so because the Carno lives in the winter biome with another Carno and a Yutyrannus.
  • In a pack: If you find a Carnotaurus in the winter biome with two other dinosaurs, kill the other two first and then try to tame the Carno. But you can also use bear traps to catch all three and tame them. To get the Yutyrannus and the two Carnos into bear traps, you either need to be good at it or have a lot of traps. Once you have them in place, hit them with the tranquillizer darts.
  • Alone and simple: Of course, it’s easier to deal with a Carnotaurus if it’s by itself. In this case, it’s easy to set up bear traps, lure the bear in, and then shoot him with tranquillizer darts until he passes out.
  • Alone and brave: If you have enough speed and stamina, you can run away from him and keep shooting him with tranquillizer darts until he passes out. This isn’t the best way to tame it because of how fast it is, but it can work because the Carno is easily distracted by other creatures it likes more than humans.
  • Alone and safe: The safest way, but also the hardest, is to build him a trap like the T-Rex out of three Dino stone or metal archways. Set up the gates in the shape of a square and put one or two bear traps in the middle. Make sure that there is always some space between the goals. Now, use the gates and close all of them except for the two you used to get out.
  • Now you try to get the Carnotaurus to come. You do something to get him to follow you. The important thing here is that you have a faster mount or a very high movement speed so that you can also run away. If he follows you, run through your open gates, but don’t step into the bear trap yourself.
  • Once the Carnotaurus is caught in the bear trap, close the two open gates and shoot it with tranquillizer darts until it falls asleep. You can easily do this through the spaces between the gates that you left. Depending on the level of the Allosaurus, this could take time and money.
  • To tame him, put meat or kibble (recipes below) in his inventory when he is asleep and feed him. The quicker the taming, the better the meat. Use the Narcotic or Narcoberries to keep the Carnotaurus calm and the Stun up.

How to make the saddle for the Carnotaurus?

The Carno Saddle crafting recipe can be unlocked at level 46 with 21 Engram Points. Now, in order to create, you will require:

170x Fiber
320x Hide
30x Metal ingots

How to Feed an ARK Carnotaurus?

Once you have domesticated a Carnotaurus, you will need to learn its preferred diet. Being carnivorous naturally narrows the food options available to carnos.

Regular Kibble:

Ingredients: 1x Medium Egg, 2x Longrass, 2x Savoroot, 1x Cooked Meat Jerky, 5x Fiber, 1x Water
Ingredients for Cooked Meat Jerky: 1x Cooked Meat, 1x Oil, 3x Sparkpowder

Kibble (Ankylosaurs Egg)

Ingredients: 1x Ankylosaurs Egg, 1x Savoroot, 1x Prime Meat Jerky, 2x Mejoberries, 3x Fiber, 1x Water
Ingredients for Prime Meat Jerky: 1x Cooked Prime Meat, 1x Oil, 3x Sparkpowder

Raw Prime Meat:

Gained when gutting larger creatures
Cooking turns it into Cooked Prime Meat

Raw Mutton:

Received by gutting Ovis.
Cooking turns it into the Cooked Lamb Chop

Raw Prime Fish Meat:

Obtained from Alpha Mosasaurus, Dunkleosteus, Electrophorus, Leedsichtys, Megalodon, and Sabertooth Salmon
Cooking turns it into the Cooked Prime Fish Meat

Raw Fish Meat:

Received from gutting fish
Cooking turns it into Cooked Fish Meat

Raw Meat:

Earned by gutting a creature
Cooking turns it into Cooked Meat


If you read the information above, it will help you understand the “Carnotaurus ARK” much better. Please share your thoughts and questions with us in the box provided. Don’t be shy about asking for assistance if you feel you need it.

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