Bear and Breakfast: Three Ways to Finish the Fetch Quest

Bear and Breakfast: Hank receives a mission to locate three separate objects early: a computer, a pen, and a book.

Players must accomplish Fetch Quest, Three Ways early in Bear and Breakfast. Hank the Bear must locate three dispersed things. Bear and Breakfast has three collectibles.

Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast: Fetch Quest, Three Methods:

After Tony the Beaver finishes building the Dinky Shed, Took suggests to Hank that they refurbish its kiosk to attract a larger crowd. Tony then acquires an outdated computer, traditional books, and a pen in order to spruce up their kiosk and draw more people in.

Where to Find the Spelling Book?

Tony’s human literature request is Will’s Book on Spelling. Backtrack across Blackmoss Swamp to Hank’s mom’s neighbourhood. Take the first right door after entering the cave.

Hank’s mom has Anni and Will’s room. The book is on a right-hand side table.

Where in Bear and Breakfast Is the Old Computer?

Bear and Breakfast’s old PC is near Beanie. From Timber Crossing’s north, go west on Sawdust to Tony’s house.
Look north for a tower. Left of the steps going up to Beanie’s tower is a garbage can. Hank will rescue the old computer he needs as well as copper and iron plates.

Where in Bear and Breakfast Is the Pen on a String?

Locate Three Ways in Bear and Breakfast at Timber Crossing, located south of the kiosk. Hank took Oliver’s sandwich while Oliver left a Pen on a String at his residence located just north of his bed.

Once Hank has acquired all three items needed to repair the structure in this similar game to Stardew Valley, he can contact Tony who will restore it, fulfilling Hank’s requirements to stay at Dinky Shed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you speed up time in Bear and Breakfast?

When you need money to build new rooms or acquire specific items from nearby shops, you generally just have to wait for guests to finish their stays at your various motels. Unfortunately, there’s no option to speed up time in any way.

How do I make my room more comfortable in Bear and Breakfast?

Increase the Comfort score of a room by placing furniture that adds to comfort, such as beds, footrests, vanities, and wardrobes.

Can you delete a room in Bear and Breakfast?

The room that needs to be deleted or modified. A little box will appear on the right side of the screen.

Do you need to sleep in Bear and Breakfast?

Sleep is a game mechanic in Bear and Breakfast to advance time. 

Can you rotate furniture in Bear and Breakfast?

Furniture can only be turned 90 degrees.

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