Bear and Breakfast: Three Ways to Finish the Fetch Quest

Bear and Breakfast: Hank receives a mission to locate three separate objects early: a computer, a pen, and a book.

Players must accomplish Fetch Quest, Three Ways early in Bear and Breakfast. Hank the Bear must locate three dispersed things. Bear and Breakfast has three collectibles.

Bear and Breakfast: Fetch Quest, Three Methods

After Tony the Beaver finishes the Dinky Shed, Took suggests Hank fix the kiosk to attract more people. Tony needs an outdated computer, human books, and a pen to repair the kiosk.

Bear and Breakfast

Where to Find the Spelling Book?

Tony’s human literature request is Will’s Book on Spelling. Backtrack across Blackmoss Swamp to Hank’s mom’s neighbourhood. Take the first right door after entering the cave.

Hank’s mom has Anni and Will’s room. The book is on a right-hand side table.

Where in Bear and Breakfast Is the Old Computer?

Bear and Breakfast’s old PC is near Beanie. From Timber Crossing’s north, go west on Sawdust to Tony’s house.
Look north for a tower. Left of the steps going up to Beanie’s tower is a garbage can. Hank will rescue the old computer he needs as well as copper and iron plates.

Where in Bear and Breakfast Is the Pen on a String?

The last Fetch Quest item, Three Ways in Bear and Breakfast, lies at Timber Crossing, south of the kiosk. Hank took Oliver’s sandwich for Took. Oliver’s residence has a Pen on a String just north of his bed.
Hank can talk to Tony once he obtains all three things. Tony will repair the structure, increasing Hank’s demands to remain in the Dinky Shed in this Stardew Valley-like game.

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