Who is Otto Hightower in House of the Dragon?

Who is Otto Hightower? Otto Hightower is one of the most significant characters in the prequel to the Game of Thrones. The right-hand man to the king is described here.

Who is Otto Hightower? House of the Dragon’s season debut included many memorable characters, including King Viserys, Prince Daemon, and Princess Rhaenyra. Otto Hightower is a stern Hand of the King and Hightower knight. Otto’s commitment to Viserys is apparent from their King’s Small Council meetings.

Rhys Ifans is noted for comedic and villainous parts, especially in Notting Hill and The Amazing Spider-Man. His new position as Otto is brilliant since he’s calm and sober, leaving questions about his motives in Westeros.
Otto, King Viserys’ right-hand man, has one of the Council’s toughest jobs. Otto’s mission is to watch out for the King’s best interests, tell him of difficulties and critical situations, and keep him pleased under pressure.

Who is Otto Hightower

Otto assures Lord Corlys Velaryon that the King would consider his worries about his ships being watched by rival alliances and pirates. Otto likes big news but doesn’t want to overwhelm the King.
Prince Daemon Targaryen (the King’s brother) is Westeros’s Jamie Lannister. Otto thinks Daemon is too violent and ugly. Otto considered Daemon’s murder and crime executions excessive.

Who is Otto Hightower and What are his Believes?

Who is Otto Hightower? Otto believes in law and order, but the Seven Kingdoms shouldn’t be dominated by fear and intimidation. Daemon is the largest menace to the kingdom, according to House Hightower’s knight.
The Small Council debates the King’s succession in the pilot episode. Otto is conflicted and worried because he doesn’t want to put his emotional King in a terrible predicament after he lost his Queen and newborn infant in childbirth. He worries the King won’t have a clear successor.

Otto argues in this scenario that Daemon shouldn’t be king owing to his violent outbursts and harshness. He criticised Corlys for first backing Daemon as king (before stating that others also have a claim for the throne). Otto loves the concept of a queen ruling Westeros, thinking Viserys’ daughter Rhaenyra is the best person to succeed her father.

Like Viserys, Otto Is A Father As Well

Who is Otto Hightower? Otto is the King’s counsellor and father to a daughter, like Viserys. Beautiful and compassionate, Alicent Hightower is quiet and serious like her father. Rhaenyra’s BFF is Alicent. Otto loves Alicent and cares for her well-being, unlike Viserys, who wants a boy as successor.

Otto is protective of Alicent. Daemon asks Alicent to put a wreath on his lance for luck at a contest. Otto dislikes Daemon, therefore Alicent’s gift displeases him. He doesn’t want Alicent to date dangerous guys like Daemon or watch glorified violence for fun.

Otto and Alicent have an emotional moment when King Viserys loses his Queen and newborn child. They understand his sadness and Rhaenyra’s anguish. He and Alicent lost Alicent’s mother. Otto urges Alicent to read Viserys a history book while donning one of her mother’s clothes to calm the King.

Otto, like his daughter, cares for Viserys and Rhaenyra and can handle King’s Landing’s major concerns. His enmity with Daemon will continue throughout the season, particularly once Otto and Viserys learn he labelled the late king’s infant “the heir for a day.” Otto is devoted to Viserys, but he’ll watch how the King treats Daemon since their brotherhood might endanger the crown.

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