Rochelle Goyle Personality, Appearance, and Abilities

Rochelle Goyle is a character who was introduced in 2012/2013 and does a lot of things. She goes to Monster High and is a gargoyle. She used to go to Granite City High School in Scaris, but she wanted to push herself and learn more, so she moved to the United States of Scaremerica.

Even though she is happy about the experience, she misses home and especially her boyfriend, Garrott du Roque. Rochelle is a good guardian, so at Monster High she is the Head of the Student Safety Team, a job she is proud to do to the fullest. Her few flaws are that she can be a bit pushy and is often too protective to the point of being controlling. She is responsible, though, and that makes her want to get better.

Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle Goyle: Personality

Rochelle is from the French town of Scaris. She lived on a roof near a big church. For most of her life, the only people she has known are other gargoyles, which started to bother her when she was a teenager. Unlike most of the other gargoyles she knows, who are happy to learn just enough about the world to never feel like they are missing out, Rochelle wants to know everything there is to know. After weighing the pros and cons for a few years, she chose Monster High as her first step. Her parents, who are always there for her, agree with her choice.

Rochelle has a philosophical attitude about life’s possibilities and the choices people make to take them or not. This is because she grew up in a place that made her feel sleepy. She is also being watched by herself, because she is confused by how quickly and deeply she has fallen in love with Deuce Gorgon, even though she knows he is already with Cleo de Nile. Both of them like to cook, which is something they have in common.

Rochelle Goyle: Behaviour

Rochelle is an aggressive individual. Even small things can make her angry enough to fight, which might not be the best thing to do. Most of the time, Rochelle’s aggression shows up when one of her family members or friends is in danger. Rochelle is very careful to keep her loved ones safe and will go to great lengths to do so. But even though she means well, Rochelle’s protectiveness isn’t always liked because it keeps her loved ones from having their own freedom. Rochelle doesn’t mean to do this, and it’s hard for her to deal with when she realises her mistake. She is sure that she can easily point out the mistakes of others.

Rochelle says she has a chip on her shoulder, which means she thinks she’s righteous and always brings up how she’s been wronged. She is also a responsible, loyal, and hard-working girl, which sometimes makes her do things she doesn’t like. Her strict ways, protective nature as a gargoyle, and almost stone-cold way of dealing with things have made her the Main Hall Moan-itor of Monster High, among other security-related jobs.

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Like Draculaura, she seems to have a good sense of how to mix modern chic with older, more classic pieces. She has long, pink hair that is streaked with light teal. She wears her hair in a ponytail or a bun sometimes. Her face looks like that of an animal, with big pink eyes and a big nose. She has hands with claws, small wings made of sharp stones, and ears that look like wings on the top of her head. She is also completely made of stone, which means she can’t do things like dance or swim.

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Her bio states that Ghoulia Yelps and Robecca Steam are her closest friends. When Ghoulia thanked Rochelle for warning her about the werecat twins’ trick, which would have led her to travel through potholes, the two became friends. Rochelle and Robecca became fast friends after an incident in which Rochelle was roller skating and Robecca rescued her from a pit of water when she was unable to fly over one of the obstacles.


In terms of her family background, we know that Rochelle was born into a two-parent household, but other than the fact that female gargoyles produce eggs, we have no idea who her parents are. In “Scaris: City of Frights,” she and her friends stayed at the house of Rochelle’s grandmother, who happens to live in Scaris.


In Scaris, Rochelle Goyle is dating Garrott du Roque, but she has also been shown to have feelings for Deuce Gorgon. Although she has a boyfriend, Rochelle has a romantic bent and can feel lonely without Garrott’s company. Because of this, Rochelle has feelings for Deuce Gorgon, whom she met when she was running late and ran into him in the halls of Monster High.

Unfortunately for Deuce, gargoyles are immune to his gorgon powers, and he ended up losing his glasses in the process. At the same time, Rochelle caught a glimpse of his striking good looks and couldn’t help but fall for him. She’s not ready to give up on Deuce just yet, despite the fact that she knows he’s very loyal to his girlfriend. So that she could get to know Deuce better, she arranged for her pet Roux to steal his casketball and bring him to her. Rochelle has told her friend Robecca Steam how she feels about him, but Robecca is against the relationship, fearing “the inevitable heartbreak” that will result from it.

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Abilities & Powers

Rochelle is a gargoyle, and she has what are thought to be abilities that all gargoyles have:

Gorgon Immunity

Rochelle is made of stone, just like other gargoyles. She can’t be turned to stone by the Gorgon Stare because she’s already made of stone.


Even though her wings are made of stone and have Frees, she can fly. Even so, not all gargoyles can fly.


Rochelle is also a skilled and enthusiastic player of Skultimate Roller Maze, which she can do quickly despite her size.


  • “Timeless beauty set in stone” is her catch phrase.
  • The meaning of her first name is “little rock,” and her last name is a play on the name Doyle.
  • Since she was born on December 18, her star sign is Sagittarius.


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