Angel Treads Terraria Abilities, Ingredients, Trivia and More

Angel Treads Terraria Abilities, Ingredients, Trivia and More: The Angel Treads are an upgrade to the Frostspark Boots, the Lava Waders, and the Harpy Ring. They can be made in Hardmode and are a combination of these three items.

Angel Treads Abilities

Angel Treads Terraria: Abilities

When fitted, they let you fly, sprint up to 40 mph, walk on liquids, are immune to the On Fire! debuff, protect you from lava damage for 4 seconds, make it easier to move on ice blocks, increase movement speed by 12%, increase maximum acceleration by 36%, and add 10% to your maximum flight time.

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Ingredients Required To Craft Angel Treads

The following Ingredients required for crafting AngelTreads

Terraspark Boots1
Cloud in a Bottle1
Essence of Sunlight5
Soul of Might1
Soul of Sight1
Soul of Fright1


  • If you have Angel Treads on, putting on Rocket Boots or any of their upgrades won’t make you fly faster.
  • It works with the Lava Charm and the Lava Waders.


  • The first name for the Angel Treads was “Falcon Boots.”
  • The vanilla Terraspark Boots are like the AngelTreads in how they work.

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