Parfait Cookie Toppings Build X5 Swift Chocolate April 2024

The greatest Parfait Cookie toppings may be found in our recipe. To find out how to make a cookie parfait, keep reading!

Prepare a cookie parfait and fill it with anything you choose;

  • X5 Searing Raspberry
  • X5 Swift Chocolate to reduce CD 

Cookie Run Kingdom offers several methods of optimizing her primary talent – which restores HP while increasing DEF – so as to achieve optimal effectiveness: Parfait Cookie Toppings are composed of Searing Raspberry Toppings with CD Substats as the ideal combination; Swift Choco Toppings can reduce cooldown so her Parfait ability may be used more frequently during combats.

Parfait Cookie Toppings Build

A parfait cookie steps forward and begins singing her heart out, captivating all friendly units – known as allies – who may experience healing or an increase in Defense/Resistance Rating from her performance. By being moved, their HP may be restored partially as their Defense/Resistance ratings were strengthened through this song’s engaging rendition.

  • Attaining one’s 17th base CD
  • Over a duration of X7.0 seconds, you will be healed for 14.4% of your maximum attack power every X1.0 seconds (+0.2% Healing each level).
  • For X7.0 seconds, gain 10% DEF.
  • The duration of your debuff resistance is 40.0% for X7.0 seconds.

Story Parfait Cookie Fillings

This singer-songwriter Cookie attempts to distinguish himself among an ever-increasing field of celebrity heroes by adding colourful sprinkles. A Parfait Cookie’s characteristic look includes stacking chocolate and candies before topping it all off with drizzled syrup for extra flair.

ParfaitCookie may only recently have entered the scene, yet she already boasts hundreds of original tunes written under her own name. Although inspired by various toppings to compose new tracks, her lyrics always feel authentic like vanilla ice cream itself.

No matter if my audition fails, nobody recognizes me, or my toppings become wet in an unexpected summer rain shower; I am determined to finish eating my pizza! And so with guitar in hand and singing true and powerful truths on soul song; I continue strumming away on my guitar while singing out what comes from deep within me.

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