Helen Park Cold War (Call Of Duty): Character Details

Helen Park Cold War: When Did Park First Attend School? Gamers often discuss The Cold War when talking with one another so we compiled all the info about it we could. Just released game Cold War has received much acclaim across gaming communities while many show great interest in learning more about its characters.

Due to media coverage, players have numerous questions about the next Call of Duty game and its characters. We made every attempt to address frequently asked queries regarding it here on this forum; reading up about Cold War history would also provide invaluable knowledge on its details.

Helen Park Cold War

Helen Park Cold War: Character Details

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Helen Park (Cold War) : About

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has Helen Park as a playable character in the multiplayer modes, specifically the Operator role. Helen Park serves on the NATO side as part of the MI6 unit.

While studying as a young genius at Oxford, Park lost her brother to a terrorist strike. Once she shifted her attention, she joined MI6 and soon rose to become one of their top experts on foreign paramilitary groups.

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Helen Park – Voice Actor (Lilly Cowles)

Lily Cowles provides her voice as MI6 agent Helen Park in Black Ops Cold War video game, though she has previously appeared in other movies and television shows prior to being cast for Black Ops Cold War. Antebellum will release in 2020 with Sarah playing an important part.

Helen Park Cold War
Helen Park Voice By Lilly Cowles


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