Hanako Arasaka: Best ending Cyberpunk 2077 & Interesting Facts

Hanako Arasaka is her father favorite daughter. She bonds closely with Yorinobu, as well as being responsible for large parts of their company. Oda, Hanako’s robotic ninja bodyguard is always around and willing to protect her – after all Yorinobu is Yorinobu’s younger sibling! Hanako Arasaka (Sabauro Arasaka daughter).

She is both a Netrunner and division head for Arasaka Corporation; however, not much else is known about her personal or professional life or dealings. Although first appearing during Play It Safe main task, she first introduced during Down On The Street major works.

Hanako Arasaka

Hanako Arasaka: Character Details

CHARACTER ROLESupporting Character
OCCUPATIONHead of the Kiji Faction of Arasaka/Netrunner
LOCATIONTokyo, Japan

Hanako Arasaka: Some Interesting Facts About Her

  • Yorinobu promised to set her free.
  • She Had a Wedding in the Plans
  • To Begin With, She Didn’t See Arasaka’s Shadow Side
  • She runs the Hatashi Shipping Company as CEO.
  • She is in charge of the Arasaka Kiji group.
  • She is a very good Netrunner.
  • She spent most of her childhood alone.
  • The woman who gave birth to her tragically passed very shortly after the birth.

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